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    MN - More State Rep highjinks, caught with pants down in park by ranger!

    Wow, it seems these married State Representatives just can't keep their hands off each other!


    " ..........he told her the notes said [State Representative Tara] Mack was in a car with her pants unzipped and down.

    She did not comment other than to say this is very salacious and that she is married to a minister and her career could be ruined," [Sheriff] Leslie wrote. "I said I understood that but if you are choosing to say that the park ranger lied ... I have a big problem."

    According to [Sheriff] Leslie's notes, [Rep. Tara] Mack also asked if the ranger was wearing a body camera at the time — he wasn't, Leslie responded — and said the ranger told them to "get a hotel."

    When the first news story of the citation broke Sept. 2, the two Republican lawmakers, who are married to other people, called the park ranger's account a lie. But they eventually each paid $260 fines. The nuisance citations are misdemeanors."

    These dishonest elected officials have a lot of nerve to be calling an HONEST State employee - the park ranger - a liar!

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    Well, I'm just glad to hear that neither Michele Bachmann, nor Josh Duggar, were involved! Lol.

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