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    NY - Newborn girl found decomposed in Batavia home, 29 Aug 2015

    28-year-old Christina Colantonio of Batavia, New York has been charged with murder after a visitor to her apartment found the body of a baby girl. Prosecutors say Colantonio, who has two other children living with her, killed the baby about three months ago shortly after her birth.

    She is held without bond on charges of second degree murder.

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    Batavia mother accused of killing daughter released

    Police say Christina Colantonio was released because the Monroe County medical examiner was unable to determine if the baby found was alive at birth. The medical examiner was unable to conclude that a live birth occurred due to the long period of time between delivery and discovery of the body.

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    Ugh. I hope they can figure something out here. This doesn't sound good.

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    DA orders body of infant at center of murder case "held" until he gets a second opinion on death

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    Court proceedings in the case of a Batavia woman charged with second-degree murder for intentionally killing her infant daughter have been postponed for five months.

    Christina Colantonio, 28, was scheduled to appear in City Court on Thursday but Public Defender Jerry M. Adler requested that the case be adjourned until Feb. 25, 2016.

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