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    Russia - Police find armadillo, crocodile, anteater, $4mill in home of 'God Kuzya'

    38-year-old Russian cult leader Andrey Popov has been found with $4 million hidden in his seven Moscow homes, along with an armadillo, a crocodile, an anteater and a talking parrot.

    Popov, AKA as God Kuzya (after a deceased parrot he owned) and formerly known as Archbishop Roman, is known for whipping his followers who fall out of line 300 times, and slapping their faces 100 times. He's reported to have a collection of several wives, as well as pets.

    Police say they also found child pornography in his homes. The cash and animals have been confiscated and Popov is in custody but it's not clear what the charges are.

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