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    IN - Indiana man swept away in front of his bride-to-be

    24-year-old Earl Helmuth was found dead Sunday morning after a large wave swept him and a group of friends into Lake Michigan off the City Lighthouse pier, Saturday evening. Helmuth, of Nappanee, Indiana, was due to get married next month and his bride-to-be was among five other people knocked into the lake as they took photos from the pier. The others managed to get to safety or were rescued but Helmuth could not swim.

    Conservation officer Sgt. Shawn Brown said there are signs advising caution as the pier can be very dangerous.

    Brown said there is no life preserver or safety devices at the end of the pier or at the lighthouse. Officials have repeatedly discussed adding safety devices at the pier. Brown said it is not uncommon for people to be knocked into the water from the pier during high waves, and several others have died at the location.
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    Very sad, seems like a shame if it keeps happening. I'd think putting in some safety signs and a few life preservers that could be thrown out to people might be cost-effective. I think rescues and searches are expensive. RIP Earl.
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    Everyone should know how to swim.

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    And never underestimate Lake Michigan! It's downright scary sometimes.

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    I wonder why they can build railings on this pier? Looks awfully dangerous.

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