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    California pizza n wings delivery was $1,300 cash instead

    Berkley, California bartender Mike Vegas got quite a surprise when he ordered a pizza and it arrived with an extra box of chicken wings, but it was a delayed reaction that gave the delivery man a few tense hours. Mike says he ate a slice of pizza and then put the unopened box of wings in the refrigerator before rushing off to work last weekend.

    When his phone began 'blowing up', he ignored the calls because he was working. Later, he discovered what the problem was; the driver had stored takings of $1,300 he was supposed to deliver to the bank in a chicken wings box, then mistakenly dropped it off at Mike's instead.

    Mike recovered the money undamaged from his refrigerator and returned it to the Dominos. With refreshing honesty, he said he really wanted to keep it, but just couldn't do that. The pizza place rewarded him with a year's worth of free pizza. Chicken wings not included.


    ETA: Lol, someone real wicked must have sent that $666 bundle to tempt him!
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