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    New Hampshire auction may freak you out

    There's nothing bizarre about the auction of a collection; unless it's one like this, of ventriloquists' dolls.

    Dan Willinger's 30-year collection may be expected to fetch a half million dollars at Crown Auctions Sunday, with celebrities signed up to bid, but the dolls look so macabre sitting there on those black boxes. Do they have to look so spooky? A person owning them could be afraid they'd get up in the night and walk. Freaky.

    Anyone care to guess which is 'Happy Hazard' worth an estimated whopping $50,000?


    ETA: Oh man, now I see the photo big, it's even worse. See the guy with black curly hair looking straight at the camera? And the puritan couple top right, front row, chuckling at something we can't see? What are they plotting?
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