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    TX - Courtney Clayton, 7, murdered 9-2-1988, Stamford, TX


    This is a Texas Rangers/Jones County cold case that law enforcement holds hopes of solving.

    The article linked above was published today.

    Courtney's body was found six months later by hunters in neighboring Shackelford County. Stamford is in Jones County.

    I searched but could not locate an existing thread for Cortney, so apologies in advance if I missed it.

    Link to HLN/Nancy Grace on Courtney's case from 2013:


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    The Texas Department of Public Safety has partnered with the Texas Rangers to investigate several cold cases across the state.

    Cortney Clayton (Jones County - Killed in 1988): During the evening hours of Friday, 09-02-1988, 7 year old Cortney Clayton rode her bicycle to a convenience store one block from her residence in Stamford, Texas. The population of Stamford was less than 4,000. On Sunday, 03-26-1989, Cortney's remains were discovered in a field approximately 50 miles from Stamford, Texas. Cortney was a student at Oliver Elementary School. Cortney was survived by her parents and two brothers.
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