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    Germany - Petra Pazsitka found alive in Dusseldorf after 31 years

    Petra Pazsitka, then 24, disappeared from home in Braunschweig in 1984
    Despite manhunts, her body was never found and she was declared dead
    Male suspect in another killing even confessed to murdering the student
    But now, 31 years on, Miss Pazsitka has been found alive in Dusseldorf, aged 55

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    Media thread for Abby and Libby.


    WebSleuths Lingo thread.


    Unless I provide a link, every one of my posts are to be considered rumor, Speculation, or simply MY OWN OPINION.

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    It sure makes you wonder about some of the missing adults we see here on WS. I can only pray that some of them are alive as well.

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    Aged 55, she was discovered after alerting police to a burglary at her home.
    When asked for her name by officers, the woman initially called herself 'Mrs Schneider', it is reported. However, after being asked for identification, she later confessed her true identity.
    Joachim Grande, of Braunschweig Police, said Miss Pazsitka revealed she had been living in several German cities over the past three decades, without telling any relatives she was alive.


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    That's amazing but there's got to be a back story as to why she behaved in that fashion. Anyways, I guess it gives hope to those who have family members still among the missing.

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    I think it is very cruel to behave this way.
    She put her family through a lot.
    When asked why she ran away, she ruled out sex abuse or mistreatment. May be she has mental issues.

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    Well if any of my relatives did that they'd be dead to me, anyway...

    How freaking hard it is to tell your relatives that you're moving and you don't want to be in touch. Or if you can't face them, just call the police and tell them to call off the search because I'm alive and just totally fed up with my relatives and please don't tell any of them where I am.

    They even got somebody to confess to her murder... Someone totally unrelated and innocent could have gone to prison for her disappearance.

    Anyway, I'm amazed that you can live in Germany for 33 years without being asked to show an ID.

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    And according to the article, she's been *intentionally* staying hidden for all these years and still doesn't want anything to do with her family even though they now know she's alive. She's used cash all this time so as not to alert anyone that she was still alive, for example!
    Well, I'm not gonna judge her for that because we don't know the full story. Maybe she had good reasons.

    I'm glad that LE have let her family and the media know that she is alive and well, anyway.

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