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    PA - Attorney blames victim in 4th teacher/student sex case in same school district

    I don't know if there's something in the water here or what, but another male teacher has been arrested in my local school district for allegedly engaging in sex with a student. This one is a 29 year old male substitute teacher and a 15 year old female student. He provided alcohol and she provided oral sex "pretty much throughout" her 10th grade year. They trysted, among other places, IN EMPTY CLASSROOMS within the school during school hours!


    His criminal defense lawyer, has stated "it was the young lady who started the relationship" and that it is unclear if his client knew the victim was only 15. Neither of these are legal defenses to the multiple charges filed against this sexual predator.

    The Allegheny County D.A. is not at all happy with this attorney's "blame the victim" tactics.



    School officials continue their silence amid an ongoing Grand Jury investigation of whether school official knew about and covered up teacher/student sex allegations.

    Nancy Grace, Nancy Grace, where are you?

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    This is why a Grand Jury is continuing to investigate the School District officials (and probably why said officials are keeping their mouths so tightly shut):

    "Plum School Board Wednesday night pushed back hard on former board member Joseph Tommarello's allegations the administration failed to adequately respond to notices of teacher sex abuse.

    Board members also blasted the media for creating a “circus” that does not properly reflect the good things that happen in the district.

    Tommarello resigned Friday, claiming he had notified Superintendent Timothy Glasspool twice — in 2012 and again in 2014 — of concerns he had about English teacher Joseph Ruggieri having inappropriate contact with two different students.

    Ruggieri, 40, and science teacher Jason Cooper, 38, were charged in February with institutional sexual assault, accused of having sex with separate students in separate incidents.

    The Allegheny County District Attorney's office has convened a grand jury to determine whether school administrators had prior knowledge of the abuse and turned a blind eye. Search warrants served at the high school last month indicate there could be at least eight female students involved over several years.

    “Superintendent Timothy Glasspool had no conversation with Mr. Tommarello and has no documentation of any exchange in 2014,” school district solicitor Lee Price said at the meeting Wednesday.

    Price said that Tommarello's notice to administrators in 2012 was “not new information — it was a rumor that had already been investigated.”

    Price said the Plum Borough police officer assigned to the school, Mark Kost, was not only aware of the investigation, he determined no charges were warranted.

    Plum police Chief Jeffrey Armstrong said he has no record of anyone in his department — including Kost — investigating any claims at the school prior to the February arrests.

    Kost's attorney, Phil DiLucente, said the school's claim “is absolutely, completely and utterly false.”

    Read more: http://triblive.com/news/allegheny/8...#ixzz3n4w1eQK5
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    And, yes, I am paying taxes to this school district!

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