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    RI - Wojciech Fudali, 22, Narragansett, 6 Dec 2008




    From: http://seanmunger.com/2012/10/12/leg...rsons-part-iv/

    In the case of Wojciech Fudali, a 22-year old Polish-born graduate of the University of Rhode Island, he was last seen naked—outdoors in December.

    On the evening of December 5, 2008, Fudali attended a party on East Shore Road in Narrangansett, Rhode Island. He stayed overnight, and it must have been quite a party, as his friends didn’t awaken until the next afternoon. When they did, he was gone. His clothes, shoes, money and cell phone were neatly stacked on the floor.

    Fudali was last seen running through Galilee Bird Sanctuary about 10:30 AM—still naked. He had been seen two hours earlier sitting on a dock.

    Police searched the sanctuary and dragged the body of water within it, but there was no sign of Wojciech. There’s no telling how long he could have lasted outdoors, naked, in 38-degree weather.

    What could have driven this young man to do something like this? Friends said he was “acting oddly” prior to his disappearance and had been depressed. Evidently he had recently become very religious and read the Bible a great deal, and he was also fascinated by nature.

    One theory is that he jumped into the water in the Bird Sanctuary to cross over to the other side, perhaps to view wildlife. But his body was not found in the water.

    Suicide by drowning? Accidental drowning? Exposure? Foul play? Or is Wojciech still alive somewhere? We don’t know.

    If you know, call the Narrangansett Police Department at 401-782-0661.


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    So sad

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