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    TN - Grammy nominated Dave Brainard attacked by well dressed couple, 27 Sept 2015

    This is a really bizarre case:

    Country music producer Dave Brainard, 40, was attacked in Nashville by a couple

    left unconscious with a broken jaw, severe lacerations to his face and several missing teeth following an assault on Demonbreun Street in the early morning hours on Sunday.

    Brainard is awaiting reconstructive face surgery as a result of the incident but is now conscious.
    According to Metro Nashville Police Department spokeswoman Kris Mumford, Brainard and two women, including his friend Deborah DeLoach, were walking across Demonbreun at a crosswalk in front of the 1505 Demonbreun apartment building when a gray or charcoal four-door Infiniti struck DeLoach.

    After initially striking DeLoach, the car continued to slowly drive into them before the woman, who was the passenger, got out of the car, according to Mumford.

    “We couldn’t get out of the street because they kept hitting us,” DeLoach said, referring to the couple in the car. “They both get out and start yelling – she starts yelling, he’s yelling. The woman attacked me, and the man attacked Dave.”
    DeLoach was assaulted by the female passenger and then hit by the male driver, who also choked her by kneeing her in the throat.

    Mumford said police drove Brainard to the emergency room.

    “He’s having surgery (Tuesday),” DeLoach said. “His jaw on both sides is broken. He has lacerations on his chin and lip. His teeth are shattered in the back. He’s going to make it, but he is not doing well and has severe injuries to his face.”
    The perpetrators are described as
    The woman in the car was described as white, 5 feet 6 inches tall and in her early 30s. The man was 6 feet 2 inches tall, 200 pounds and white.

    Mumford said the couple in the Infiniti was well dressed, as if they had been at a formal event. The case has been assigned to detectives in the Midtown Hills Precinct. Anyone with information should call 615-742-7463.

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    This is really strange. I just had to look at this article because I couldn't understand the caption of 'Dave Brainard hospitalized by well dressed couple.'

    *Hope his recovery goes well.
    Thoughts and prayers for the people of Paris and all of France!

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    I read it that the well dressed couple had him hospitalized too~! Hope he does OK and we find out what happened.
    Why have we not seen an arrest in the Haily Dunn kidnapping and murder?
    Who murdered Hailey Dunn? Justice needs to be served this beautiful girl!

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    Sorry guys - trying to get the title within the character limit was tough.

    I hope they get them. I wonder if it was random or targetted - either way it's all pretty bizarre.

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    The male perp referred to female as "Nicki":


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    Victim is interviewed here:


    This is my own theory, and I don’t want to make it out to say it’s official. But from what I experienced, it didn’t seem alcohol-related. It seemed drug-related to me. It was kind of a rage that came out of it, and being influenced by that.

    The rage was over the top. It wasn’t normal. I’ve never experienced it personally, but I’ve seen people talk about it and in movies. The sort of steroid rage. That’s what it felt like to me. I feel like because of the one minor incident — which we were in the right, regarding pedestrians having the right of way — for some reason whatever their reality was, I have no way to explain it.
    It was beyond irrational. It was just an uncontrollable rage. At the point I was attacked, I hadn’t even made contact with the male driver. At the point I was attacked, I was pulling Deborah out from in front of the car and the next thing I know I’m looking at him and he’s basically cussing at me saying, “You think this is funny? I’m going to kick your dah-dah-dah.”

    He just came at me. But for some reason, and I smile naturally, but I was trying to defuse the situation. That simple act alone caused so much rage in him to come after me. That’s how irrational it was. It wasn’t like I was looking at him going, “Hey clown, what the heck?” It was simply my face and my demeanor towards trying to defuse the situation created a reaction out of him that he misunderstood for some reason as provoking. Whatever did it, I have no idea.
    All I know is that from the beginning, from the incident itself, and I’m sorry I can’t remember the name of the officer who drove me to the VA Hospital. I need to look that up because it’s an important detail.

    He basically took me to the hospital and stayed with me in the emergency room until everything was clear. The police in this case are so great. He stayed with me at the VA Hospital until I was cleared to go to Vanderbilt.

    Anthony Chandler [the lead detective] has been so impressive in how quick and professional they’ve been. And how they were able to get to last night was so impressive. I have total trust in the process. I’m just blown away by the process and the work they’ve done.

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