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    Creepingskills Wins Latest Websleuths Post of the Day

    Nominate your favorite post!

    But Wait! Before you all stampede to make your suggestion for post of the day let's go back a bit to a time and a place when my hips didn't resemble to greased pigs fighting in a burlap bag, to a simpler time, a time we call...Yesterday.

    Let's look at yesterday's Websleuths Post of the Day shall we?

    What is great about this post from Creepingskills is it sums up a very complicated and emtional case in one place. That is not an easy thing to do.

    Hats off to creepingskills and the wonderful post they provided us from the Teresa Siever's murder case on Websleuths Post of the Day:

    Just going to throw some speculation out there regarding JR and culpability.
    I'll add links where appropriate after I make some progress at my day job.

    From what you guys have uncovered, and what's been reported through MSM, JR had a rough life. Please understand I'm not making excuses, in any, shape, or form for the heinous acts committed by JR.

    We [think we] know:

    - JR's mom died when he was 10, father died when he was 17;

    - Around the death of his father, JR fled the scene of a car accident; and as a minor, tried to buy alcohol & cigs; and received probation for Resisting Arrest/Detention/Stop By Fleeing - Creating A Substantial Risk Of Serious Injury/Death To Any Person { Felony D RSMo: 575.150 } someone please correct me if this is wrong!

    - 2007 JR lived with his older brother during probation period; terms of probation included orders to attend high school, obey wishes of brother, remove all guns from residence; therapy

    - JR's probation revoked for gun violation; felon in possession of a firearm at brother's residence;

    - JR met CWW in jail while awaiting trial (2010/2011?);

    - JR's brother (with whom he was living before prison) moves out of state probably during summer 2014;

    - JR was released from jail in September 2014;

    - May 2015 JR attends CWW's wedding;

    - June 2015 JR tells employer he is helping his brother celebrate graduating law school, driving to FL;

    - JR took his cell phone to FL, spoke with his employer and confirmed his location truthfully;

    - JR was seen on video at Walmart before the Walmart and that CWW was 'with him' (this could mean CWW waited in the parking lot);

    - JR's gf allegedly told her friend, who told MSM, that JW expected to make $10k that weekend;

    - JR & gf have a new (to them) minivan. IMO, the van's bluebook value is <$10k;

    - SMS said the killers really tried to 'cover their tracks''

    - JR's neighbors said 'Rodgers claimed to be a hit man.' “I went over to his trailer a couple times, sat with him, he always talked about how he was wanted by the feds,” said Lake, who also said he never asked Rodgers’ why he was wanted by the feds."

    IMO, ^ paints a picture of a troubled young man. I don't think he was a hit man, at least not before TS's murder. When would he have had the time? As a minor? When he was released in Sept 2014? While his brother may have gained direction and strength from adversity, JR clearly went the other route and eventually landed himself a felony conviction and prison time. Unfortunately he met CWW along the way.

    Upon JR's release, I'd imagine it was hard for him to come home to no parents, no brother (at least, still living in Missouri). And per the terms of his probation, he can't leave the state without permission. He's ayoung felon with no support system and his only family member has created a new life far away. IMO, the hit man talk was an attempt to impress his neighbors. It sounds much cooler to say "the feds want me, I'm a hit man" than it does to say "I violated my probation stemming from fleeing the scene of a car accident".

    Perhaps CWW started filling in for the brotherly role JR needed, and in return JR helped CWW with transportation. I wouldn't be surprised if CWW promised JR a new van, not $10k, as payment for the FL trip. Who knows if CWW planned this from the beginning in order to manipulate JR to serve CWW's purposes. JR would have been a vulnerable target, for sure. Maybe the story told to JR's employers about a trip with his 'brother' was some kind of freudian slip.

    Here's what I don't understand:

    Why would JR be so stupid - taking his cell to FL, telling his employer about traveling to FL, if he was intending to participate in a hit? PRESUMABLY he was with CWW the entire time, so did CWW overhear this conversation between JR and employer? Why wouldn't he tell JR to shh?

    Why would CWW let JR keep evidence of their crimes? Especially if CWW knew about JR's propensity to brag?

    Why did JR tell his gf where the jumpsuit was hidden? Why didn't he burn the jumpsuit? Also, didn't LE rule out any wrong doing by the gf, calling her very brave to come forward? JMO, what if CWW planned to take JR with him all along as a scape goat? Did CWW know about JR's hammer nickname and that's why a hammer was used? It seems to me like JR knew he was going to be partaking in an illegal 'job' but did not know it would be a murder.

    I really do wonder if JR's job assigned by CWW was to drive (like he usually did for CWW), get the jumpsuit, go to Walmart, and man the "jammer" device used to disengage the alarm. CWW completes the job, tells JR to get rid of the bloody jumpsuit either along the route home or when they get back to MO. JR sees the blood, either infers or was told by CWW that there was a murder. JR would've been in way over his head by now. Maybe CWW told him about the woodchipper incident. JR is smart enough to save CWW's jumpsuit, to ensure his own safety (and as proof he didn't do the killing?). JR had access to jumpsuits, so maybe he burned not 'the' jumpsuit and outsmarted CWW.

    July 12 raid happens. CWW would have been on high alert. Maybe threats were made, and that led JR to tell the gf about where the jumpsuit was, and she in turn told her parents. A few things here; if the jumpsuit incriminated JR...why wouldn't he burn it? For a 'trophy'? You don't bury trophies, you bury something you want to hide. If JR told the gf he wore the jumpsuit...would she tell her parents? I think she was scared, she knew CWW, and she had recently been told by JR about what really happened in FL and put it all together.

    It sounds crazy, I know, but for some reason my intuition tells me CWW saw JR's June 16 post re: hammer and thought to himself, oh what a perfect plot - I'll use a hammer and JR will drive and tell work he's going to FL where he will be on video at Walmart, and if the plan falls apart, all signs obviously point away from CWW and to JR. Except, CWW didn't realize he had been duped about the destruction of the jumpsuit.

    ETA: IIRC TS was bludgeoned 27 times with the hammer. Overkill, personal. Who had a more personal connection to TS? CWW. Time will tell, but I would be surprised if JR was capable of such violence when a) he didn't know the victim b) had no motive but $/van c) has no history of violence. CWW, on the other hand, a) knew TS b) had a motive (helping MS) c) has a history of rumored violence (Bolin murder, firing at his car window).

    There you go. Congrats to Creepingskills.

    Now it's your turn. Post your favorite posts right here on this thread!

    Thank you ,

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    I would like to nominate this comment from the Teresa Ann Grace Sievers threads.

    LaLaw2000's Avatar LaLaw2000 LaLaw2000 is offline
    Justice for all victims!
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    Thanks! This has to be his first trip to Florida that he was not in charge of himself!

    Was it worth it, CWW? Why execute a wonderful doctor and Mother? Did that execution make your life easier or better?

    I'm still just so angry that CWW and JR murdered Dr. Sievers! They both may have done time in the past, but this time it is going to be so, so different. They still will never suffer as much as Dr. Sievers inevitably did even if the death penalty is pursued and gotten. If found guilty we know it will be forever until they are executed and then it will be done as if they were being aestheticized for surgery.

    *I pray the evidence against the both of them is ironclad!
    **May God Watch Over All Missing and Abused Children**

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