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    Pastor says he sought exorcism

    Dennis Rader's pastor sought permission to perform a jailhouse exorcism on the BTK killer but authorities wouldn't allow it, the Rev. Michael Clark told an Overland Park audience Sunday.
    Clark thinks demonic forces drove Rader to murder 10 victims in the Wichita area, he said at Holy Cross Lutheran Church.
    In response to an audience member's question, the Lutheran pastor said he spoke at length with Sedgwick County Sheriff Gary Steed about performing the exorcism. The sheriff politely refused to allow it, Clark said.
    "Dennis was influenced, I believe, by some kind of demonic force and that played a role in the choices and decisions he made," Clark said, adding that Rader still had a choice in how to react to the demons.
    Just when I think that I have seen the most depraved things a human can do to another human, somebody posts a new story...........

    Why is it that when a custodial parent fails to provide for a child it is called neglect and is a criminal matter. But when a non custodial parent fails to provide it is called failure to support and is a civil matter?

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    SHOCKING MYSTERIEW.................
    another killer that 'won't' accept personal responsibility. SOMETHING made him do it.

    I think that's the only way the pastor can accept it and still talk with him. Because if he ever truly admitted to himself that Denis IS FULLY CULPABLE AND RESPONSIBLE AND NO satanic force overtook him - then he'd be ashamed, lost and might loose his place in his congregation.

    Just a lame sick excuse in my opinion. IF HE COULDN"T CONTROL HIMSELF, how did he never kill his family then?

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    I can't believe another living human being would go there. Dennis Radar is as sick as anything I have read.He is without compassion just as he chose his victims.

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    Kansas City Star corrects Rader minister story

    The Kansas City Star, in a story that appeared for a time Monday on The Eagle's Web site, incorrectly reported Monday that Wichita Pastor Michael G. Clark had asked Sedgwick County's sheriff or state officials for permission to perform an exorcism on BTK killer Dennis Rader.
    Clark spoke Sunday to an Overland Park church congregation about his opinion that Rader was possessed partially by a demon, and that one way to deal with that is through exorcism. However, the minister said Monday that his discussions with the sheriff were not about exorcism but about whether he could bring communion to Rader.
    The confusion arose during a question-and-answer period of the two-hour program at Holy Cross Lutheran Church. While an audience member's question pertained to exorcism, Clark's answer was more narrowly focused on his inability to bring Rader communion.
    Just when I think that I have seen the most depraved things a human can do to another human, somebody posts a new story...........

    Why is it that when a custodial parent fails to provide for a child it is called neglect and is a criminal matter. But when a non custodial parent fails to provide it is called failure to support and is a civil matter?

    "Just when the caterpillar thought its world was over, it became a butterfly" ~ Michelle Knight

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    BTK's Jailhouse Collection Includes Locks Of Hair

    WICHITA, Kan. -- Three boxes BTK serial killer Dennis Rader had with him in jail while awaiting trial included clippings of his hair and a photo of entertainer Jessica Simpson, according to lawyers for the victims' families.

    Also in the boxes was a prescription for an antidepressant, letters from Rader supporters, an advertisement with a photo of a young girl circled
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    Dennis Rader is now allowed to watch television and listen to a radio in his cell at the El Dorado Correctional Facility.

    He can read magazines, newspapers, books. And he can write or draw on paper with pencil or pen.

    snip....Rader has not had perfect behavior, however. Records show an April 10 disciplinary report.

    That report stems from an attempt by Rader to mail a letter to one person outside the prison, asking that person to send a second letter to another person, Miskell said. Inmates can mail only directly to one person at a time.
    Just when I think that I have seen the most depraved things a human can do to another human, somebody posts a new story...........

    Why is it that when a custodial parent fails to provide for a child it is called neglect and is a criminal matter. But when a non custodial parent fails to provide it is called failure to support and is a civil matter?

    "Just when the caterpillar thought its world was over, it became a butterfly" ~ Michelle Knight

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    I think it is sick anyway the the people of the US have to PAY for this monster to be in prison and waste away. Kill him and get it over with. Better yet let the families of the murder victims decide how he should die. He is an animal.

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    BTK 'murderabilia' up for sale
    The Wichita Eagle

    For $600, you can buy a handmade Halloween card that has been signed three times by serial killer Dennis Rader.

    For $2,999.99, you can buy a manila envelope with an "original colored drawing of (the) Factor X creature that made him kill."

    "Very significative and unusual collectible artwork," the seller says. "This superb piece is in excellent condition with 11 lines written in his hand."
    Nearly five years after he was sent to prison for life for the murders of 10 people, Dennis Rader's name has become a staple on a half-dozen websites that specialize in "murderabilia" collectibles related to notorious killers.

    Those familiar with the industry said Rader probably isn't profiting from sale of his artifacts and may not be aware that they're being sold.

    The notion that anyone is profiting from the killings is upsetting to Andy Kahan, director of the crime victims assistance program in Houston.

    "From a victim's perspective, there's absolutely nothing more nauseating or disgusting than seeing items from the murderer of your loved one being hawked," Kahan said. "Frankly, it's blood money, plain and simple."

    and much more, at

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    I worked on the BTK case on Americas Most Wanted, this is someone posting as BTK to me and others on the forum set up to find him:

    From: BTK_AMW 6:29 am
    To: ALL (1 of 11)


    Once again, disbelief has set in. Rumors run rampant through the threads and some members make threats, others fake psychic revelations, some of you attempt to shmooze up to me. How gullible and naive do you think I must be? I am not the average Joe (had to throw that in). I am highly intelligent with an IQ double what most of you seem to have. The game is no longer fun here, as it is at amateur level. I have disclosed clues, hints and private details that only I (BTK) would know. You choose to discredit me and say, 'no no, he's a fake BTK'. You don't want to hear and read about the ghoulish details of my crimes and what ticks in my mind. You like your safe havens, at home behind your computers and under your blankets.

    I am not saying what I do and have done is not wrong, I don't even attempt to justify it, only explain the reasoning in my mind. It has become a game to me, in my mind, with the media and WPD, as well as, you amateur sleuths. It is like a game of clue with endless suspects. You have the clues, the where, the how, now all you need is BTK. If you would have looked in Maui, HI. in February of 2004, you would have found me, but only for a week.

    This will be my last posting, my last response with you simple minded degenerates. You're almost as bad as the lazy, worthless welfare recipients who choose not to work and make taxpayers feed their illiterate offspring. Society today is pathetic!

    Please continue on with your rambling theories and your assinine assumptions, it makes for a good laugh. I often think of various configurations you concoct while out on the greens. Somehow though, hitting that ball is not quite the same as hitting the Otero's. The latter gave me complete satisfaction. The thrill of the kill shall we say. I often wonder what was going through Julie's mind when I let her have her life back only to take it away again.

    Just so you all know, I removed my previous posts, not AMW. As I will with this post, it will be deleted and disappear into the shadows with me, lurking, watching and waiting for my next victim(s). Will it be you? Your daughter? Maybe your mother or grandmother? Rest assured, it will be someone and you will all know it was at the hands of BTK!

    Goodbye my friends

    Chills & Shivers one last time,

    The one and only BTK

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    And this one he mentions my name and comments about what I was doing. Just like he knew what I was doing......Hmmmmm. I edited obscene parts out for respect of victims:

    From: BTK_AMW 9:34 pm
    To: ALL (1 of 32)


    Why I am responding to your doubts and assumptions is beyond me, but I like to keep things straight.

    I don't really care if you all believe this to be me or not. Everyone has their own opinions. Indeed, there is a certain amount of speculation as to if I am the real BTK or not.

    Well for starters, I recently posted the clue of west st at and a week later, my delivery to KSAS (FOX as in Nancy Fox) was delivered to their west street location.

    One the items sent to WPD was Otero's watch (tick tock). Joseph didn't quite like 'the club xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    As well, did you know Josephine had already xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!

    Need I elaborate more? As I have stated before, the WPD are only telling you what they want you to know, not the juicey details shall we say.

    So continue your endless assumptions and speculations of the masterful BTK, I will be reading, laughing and watching! Keep watching Jack, you're a joke and quite the liar with your theories and psychic gift of gab.

    Chills & Shivers


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    Wow Jack! Those are insane. Thank you for posting these.

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    This how I worked BTK as a remote investigator:

    He was a very fit man. Trained in martial arts.

    He has lived just across the line. Dewey? Tall grass, rolling plains, house on a hill, old neighborhood.
    THE YARD has nothing to do with a hospital! Is there a tall fence around this place? I just don't get it. White cars and trucks, tractors and dirt. Green pickup.
    You feel me now, don't you? I AM IN YOUR HEAD! I see into your soul thru those eyes, You know what I mean. Last chance! It would be better for you to come clean and thumb your nose at the man, those dudes don't want you to. The Game is over and you won. Your appointment tomorrow is important but this is more important for you. Go out with the glory you deserve and so that you may recieve your proper recognition. The doctor knows what I mean.

    There is a railroad near and river near it, he was in this area recently also.
    a highway runs close to it and a road that splits into is on the other side of the river. Bridge and large strange structure across the river. He is reliving his 'finest moments'. Open field. 3 times ten brings power? 30 years? I am confused, what does this mean?

    Numbers mean a lot to him, He wishes he could write poetry. Go northeast to find him
    BTK is cornered, he is afraid to leave, yet he is at peace, confused.
    Top floor of house, he likes to watch and think from second or third floor of his house, he stands and looks out the window constantly. End is near.
    Don't know where that last one came from. Vian murder I assume. Do you suppose BTK went to the victims graves?
    The Vian case was the wrong house, he was looking for someone else.

    Looking at the photos that you sent me, I feel that he chose the houses because the doors are in a hidden type area except for the Fox and he entered thru the back window after walking up the alley. Fox was premeditated,
    Vian was out of necessity. Vian is not the victims name, she has another name! Something with a bell.
    he found her at Coleman

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    And more:

    Did not put his momentos in deposit box, does not trust banks! Had his own hidden stash place he built himself.

    This would cover his tracks working security and gain entry. The Otero woman would know him and let him in, trusting him. All fits. Still a hit though, I feel more than one involved. The man could have been hired by someone as a hit man and everythng got crazy but I doubt it.

    However, I feel he worked at Coleman and would stand in the window in an upper floor window, watch the people below. I feel he worked with someone on the Oteros and than just started doing his own thing.

    Certain key numbers trigger a reaction to murder his victims. That is why he was in a panic when he killed the Vian? woman. He could not find the right address that was given him and he had to make do.

    Other than these differences, I feel that they have their man.

    Garage with apartment, where he keeps his momentos, on the water. Water? Edge? Market,

    I feel the momentos stay at one plave. The garage and apartment are not the primary residence. Could still own it Check all streets with Water and Edge, possible Market.

    He knew of Vickie from the church, he has been there or was close by. Felt the baby was more like a doll and did not pay it much attention. House was easy. Hide in the shadows. Flashes. Flash! Check the curtains, look out the top window. All the cars dirty. Blue jeans, boots. Left DNA on the door.

    Green and tan tool bag, phone tech to gain entrance, check the mouthpiece, no problem with line. Drive the car away to escape. Walk the rest. Someone knocks and leaves. No time to finish the fun. Vickie, slight pulse, braindead.

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    Large house on a hill? Red brick, trees, Ash? Watch from the window. 67214. Home is the Old Manor. Glasses, walks with crooked arm, 5'9", greying hair. Walks with determination, jaw set. teeth clenched. He is waiting for Ken. Outside the box. He thinks outside of the box. Eagle. Likes the river, watch it flow. He is against society people and wants to shame WPD.

    He has a problem with what he considers to be those that are Wichita. Statue and cemetary means a lot to him. T means something else too. Double meanings to clues. One controls, other acts. One dark, one light. Stir the pot, false evidence. Oaklawn, Armstrong, water, garage apartment out of the box.

    Green park, water, statue. West , finds them in the parks. Stalks them. Drives to comfort zone , has garage apartment inside the circle, lives outside. South of town. Knows red headed woman, keep it moving. Likes the coffee.

    Ordinary guy, black and white checkered coat, 357 magnum, two murder kits, one brown breifcase, other black leather type satchel. brown loafers soft soles. Polaroid camera, 8mm film camera, cord and knife. Brown hair greying and thinning. LE has talked to him and cleared him.

    Garage apartment with workshop below, apartment above, cinderblock. Suspect in other murder out of state. Camping equipment, 30:06 rifle, tent, canoe. Winston. Truck 1987. Field glasses. Watches the parks to find the victims. Stomach hurts. White gold ring left hand. Tatoo right arm B T K. He wants to kill again.

    Look for male deaths as well and other female deaths recently. The last one will be the most important to him, it will be his ultimate message. Steeple, white trim, pointed above tree tops. bottom of hill. Winding road. Red brick. Blue shirt, patch. Gold color. Checks all parks, sits on the bench, friendly. Buy the child candy.

    Show if needed, badge is for trouble, for control. Voice to control, gun to control. Someone close suspects him, does not like Ken. Ken knows BTK. Planted evidence by BTK proves it is not him. Ultimate game. County, State, City, revenge. Hand wash the clothes. No remorse. Green tree in the dead trees. Armstrong. Eagle.

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    And as the end of the chase was near, I had BTK pegged and he freaked, making mistakes:

    Steeple may be at WSU or college. BTK looks out and can see this just above tree top level, not many live trees but a green tree in the middle. Steeple and tops of buildings, Yellow sign close by, Citgo? Other colors are red, white, gray.

    I say steeple because it is a stange shape just above rooftops, the red I believe to be red brick buildings, The yellow sign is billbord size, The gray is the rooftops. this man also goes to a light colored brick building and large windows. He does enter this place. There is a security guard station on the inside of this building and he knows this guard.

    Green tree in dead trees. Flagpoles? OK, We need to move back away from this spot up to a half mile away in all directions. Would be interested in any garage apartments in the surrounding area. Green garage, lighter color trim, not white. Outside stairs and inside stairs to apartment. Locked downstairs room. Workshop.
    Society, rape?, revenge, knees hurt, bow to no one.

    Yea, thou I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear not for I am the baddest motherf##### in the valley.

    Born to kill, Dra Nang . Uluhrah!

    The Lord is my shepard, I shall not want. Sacrifice for the blood. Cleanse. Mass in the morning. Monster watches remorse. Fly away like a bird. Free.
    Call the doctor! CALL. Call the doctor. Salma. Dusk to dawn.

    Pressure on my chest, out of breath. Worried. Too many imitaters. He can't write the book correctly. He rocks back and forth. Holds his head, run away, tell the story. hide, tell the story. Tell the story. Tell the story.
    He forgot , forgot, forgot.

    West Street. Cafe. Banana split

    Needs to check it out, mistake!See the police, mistake!!! protect the mouth, mistake!!!! He wants the dispatcher know that he did not kill Melissa. He will kill his own victim to prove

    Crooked arm, golf. Rises early. Watches sun rise, seperate, watches sunset park over water
    Win the game, pressure on me

    Today every day. Headache, eye hurts, sick stomach, chest hurts, no emotion, dead eyes.

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