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    VA - Carol Morrison, 54, Virginia Beach, 3 December 1986

    After almost 29 years, the murder of Carol Morrison has been solved. Recently, the lead detective collected DNA samples from 27 men (voluntarily) so that they could eliminate suspects and narrow their investigation. To their surprise, a match was made with one of the samples; a former resident of the state who was now living in Texas. Investigators learned that the man died in July of this year, not long after they took the sample. While there will be no trial; detectives are certain beyond a reasonable doubt that he was responsible for the crime. Her family is grateful to see the case closed and to finally get answers.

    Cold case homicide in Va. Beach solved after 28 years

    She was raped and murdered almost 30 years ago. For decades, Carol Morrison's family had to live with not knowing who was responsible, until now. Virginia Beach detectives didn't give up on the case, and thanks to their tenacity, the case is now closed.
    Then three months ago, Detective Curran had the idea to pull the names of every single person that was ever mentioned in the investigation. Her unit took cheek swabs from 27 people.

    "We went to those people, asked for voluntary buccal swabs to test them with the evidence that we had, and eliminate them from the investigation. We do that to narrow our focus on who we need to actually be going after," she said.
    Twenty-eight years ago, Andrew Wactor was 22-years-old when he was working at a gas station on Laskin Road. Through credit card receipts, detectives learned that Carol had stopped there. Wactor was questioned but never deemed a suspect, until now. Detective Curran says the DNA evidence is clear -- Wactor is the one who raped and killed her.

    But the case took an interesting turn when police learned the now 51-year-old was found dead outside his home in Somerville,Texas. The Burleson County Sheriff's Office says he shot and killed himself on July 9, shortly after police swabbed him for DNA.

    "At the end he served as his own judge and jury, and he was punished," Cindy Morrison said.
    Carol Morrison - Police Case File
    On Saturday morning, December 6, 1986 at 8:00 am, a fisherman made the grim discovery of a body floating in the Hellís Point Creek located in the 1000 block of Sandbridge Road. Police and Rescue personnel recovered the body from the water and discovered the body of a white female. She was pronounced deceased at the scene. The female was transported to the State Medical Examinerís Office for autopsy. The cause of death was determined to be drowning after the throat had been cut.

    Investigators were able to determine the victim to be Carol Morrison, a 54 year old white female who had last been seen on December 3, 1986 visiting Fat Rogers Nightclub in the Hilltop area of Virginia Beach. A Missing Person report was filed with Virginia Beach Police on December 4, 1986 at 5:30 pm. Mrs. Morrison may have also been seen on December 5, 1986 around 4:45 pm at the 7-11 Store located in the 3900 block of Atlantic Avenue.

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    How sad that it took so long for her family to have answers. It's scary how easily perpetrators can be overlooked even when police work has been done well. I'm just hopeful that with the big question answered that healing can begin. Nice work on the part of the detective to track down and swab all of the old players whether they were cleared or not.
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    It would be cool if a persons DNA was collected and catalogued at birth. It's such a great science but with only the harshest of felons samples on file, its potential is extremely limited.

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    Wonderful news! There are still too many cases unsolved in the area.

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