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    CO - Heather Fullerton, 28, Grand Junction, 27 Sept 2015

    Heather Fullerton
    GJPD searching for missing woman
    "It has been far from a perfect life for Heather Fullerton — a runaway and pregnant at 17, struggles with alcohol and poor parenting that resulted in her two children being removed from her home.

    But the 28-year-old Grand Junction woman had recently started a new job, was attending therapy classes and was in the process of getting her kids back, according to her mother, Anita Ott.

    So it makes little sense to Ott that her daughter would walk away from the homeless shelter operated by HomewardBound of the Grand Valley and have no contact with friends or family for the last week.

    Ott reported her daughter missing to Grand Junction police on Monday, posting her daughter’s name and picture and a police department phone number on fliers in the hopes of finding her.

    “This is just not normal for her,” Ott said.

    Ott said her daughter moved into the homeless shelter about six weeks ago and got a new job as a gas station clerk two weeks ago. She said Fullerton started as a part-time employee but was quickly offered more hours because she was performing so well. She said her daughter texted her frequently explaining how her day went. She said she spoke with her daughter a few times a week."

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    Her picture from the article


    Her FB page


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    More from the article Los posted above:

    Ott said she asked her daughter on Friday for her children’s clothing sizes because she was going to do some Christmas shopping. Her daughter replied with the information. That was the last time Ott spoke with Fullerton.

    Ott said she learned from staff at the homeless shelter that Fullerton left the shelter with a man the evening of Sept. 27, leaving behind personal items such as her wallet and backpack. To Ott, that indicates her daughter planned to return. Her daughter’s boss called Ott when she didn’t show up for work. She has a paycheck waiting for her.

    “No matter what Heather has done in the past, she’s getting her stuff together,” Ott said. “She’s a lovable and gullible person. I don’t think she would leave her kids. She was getting everything together so she could get them back.”

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    And although there are obviously a lot of differences in the circumstances, it's impossible for me not to think of another young mom who worked at a gas station and disappeared...

    Jessica Heeringa

    There are actually some photos of Heather where she looks quite a bit like Jessica (and where she's wearing very similar glasses)

    I hope Heather's found safe and sound very quickly and it's not years down the road with questions remaining like Jessica's family and son are dealing with.

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    I feel sorry for her mother. Hoping against hope that her daughter is getting her life on track, then disappearing. My guess is that Heather took off and will show up again at some point. Heartbreaking.

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    I hope she gets just as much attention from LE as anyone else. Just because she's had problems in her life before doesn't mean her disappearance doesn't sound suspicious.

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    According to this article, Heather Fullerton's mother, Anita Ott, is quoted as saying that the Homeless Shelter staff told her that Heather left the Homeward Bound Homeless Shelter the evening of Sun., 09/27/2015, with a man. Heather left behind her wallet and backback (among other personal items). This indicated to Heather's mom that Heather had planned to return to the Shelter -- in other words, she was only going to be gone for a brief time that evening. Let's face it, who would go anywhere for any length of time without at least a wallet in your pocket? My question is: were her belongings secured in a locker at the Shelter so that they would not be stolen by someone? I would think so, because things have a way of disappearing at places like this.

    Was this man that Heather left with also a resident of the Homeless Shelter?

    Where did she go with this man, and by what mode: on foot, by car, or public transportation?

    Was there anywhere within walking distance that Shelter residents frequented, such as convenience stores, restaurants, grocery stores, banks, or ATMs, where the two would have gone? If so, maybe their images were captured on video surveillance.

    Also, Homeless Shelters usually have strictly-enforced curfews for their residents. What was the curfew for Heather the night of Sun., 09/27/2015? Did the Shelter have a log for its residents to sign in and out of the Shelter?

    Did Heather have anybody at the Shelter that she talked to, another resident, or even an employee at the Shelter, with whom she shared personal information?

    Did she ever mention a man to her Mother, or anyone at the Shelter, that she might have known, had become acquainted with, or was involved with presently, or even a former boyfriend from the past?

    Did Heather mention anyone who might have been harassing her, or making unwelcome advances towards her?

    Who was her boss, and how did she get along with him?

    The article mentioned above was at this link:
    [but it disappeared!]

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    "Heather Fullerton has been found and is safe. There is no longer a need to report Heather's whereabouts."


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