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    New Zealand - Alex Fisher, 10, Waitarere Forest, 6 Oct 2015

    Alex Fisher

    Police seen with evidence bags in search for Alexander Fisher in Waitarere Forest
    "Police are continuing to searching a Horowhenua forest for a missing 10-year-old boy, as concerns for him mount.

    Alexander Fisher was last seen in the early hours of Tuesday morning, at the Waitarere Domain, in the beachside town of Waitarere, 10km from Levin.

    Police spent the day combing the Waitarere forest and Waitarere Beach, along with LandSAR volunteers, for any signs of Alexander, also known as Alex.

    Waitarere homeowners had also been asked to check their "sections, empty sheds, empty homes and holiday homes" for the missing boy.

    Police said some of Alex's items had been found, however they refused to say what the items were."

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    I'm very confused on this one, the second article provided states:

    An arrest has been made in connection to the disappearance of Levin boy Alex Fisher as his family thanks those who have helped in the search.


    A man, aged in his 20s, appeared before a judge facing one charge of illegally possessing a knife in a public place on Tuesday night, NZME reported.
    The article also indicates the family's request for privacy, and that the found items were an inhaler an "asthma spacer" (I'm not sure what that is) and a pencil case.

    It's certainly not sounding hopeful, but I find the articles very disjointed.

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    If you are using a puffer to take your asthma medication, you should always use a spacer as well, regardless of whether you are taking your daily preventer or using your blue reliever during an emergency.

    A spacer is a clear plastic container shaped like a football or a tube with a mouthpiece or mask at one end and a hole for an inhaler at the other. Spacers help to get asthma medication into your lungs. The medication is ‘fired’ from the puffer into the spacer device and is then inhaled through the mouthpiece or a face mask.
    Note: Spacers can only be used with ‘puffer’ style inhalers

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    Updated with a little clarification:

    Missing boy Alex Fisher could still be alive and every effort is being exhausted in the hunt to find him, say police.

    Alex, 10, was last seen on Monday evening at Waitarere Beach, just south of Levin, and an arrest has been made in connection with his disappearance.
    (Chief) Stewart would not answer questions about Alex's brother who he was last seen with...She said they were only looking for Alex in the forest, not his brother and they could not discount the possibility that Alex may be in a house somewhere in Waitarere Beach.
    It seems to me, especially with the photo showing Alex's brother as an older/taller man, that Alex is the 20 year old in custody. JMO

    Note at the bottom of the article it states:

    "We again ask anyone in the Waitarere area to look at the picture of Alex and his brother Eric taken at the Waitarere Four Square on Monday around 6.15pm.

    "If you think you saw either of them that day or in the evening please contact us."

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    All very weird. I am from the area so if you have any questions please ask

    Waitarere is a holiday Bach area so a lot of them could be empty - but as it is the 2nd wk of school hols I would expect plenty of people still around.

    The 4square is the only shop there (apart from cafe, liquor store & chip shop). Only one road in and out - it's by the sea. 15mins to nearest town -Levin

    A town where of course this type of thing never happens. Domestic violence yes, a murder a couple of years ago over a dispute - but pretty quiet!!

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    I agree with you Vail. From piecing things together it seems it's his brother that has been arrested. It would be interesting to know the family dynamics. Prayers for this sweet boy. I'm just not getting a good feeling sadly.

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    Very sad. He has been found on the beach

    Police launching a homocide investigation

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    What??? I was worried something happened to him, but I was not prepared for this!

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    This has been unusual the whole way through...

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    Another young life lost senselessly. RIP Alex. May justice be swift and severe!

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    Oh how sad! I'm speechless...
    Sleuthing....from the perch.

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    The police have removed 2 body bags and a wooden mallet from the scene

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    Brother arrested in issues connected to the crime

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    From November:


    Eric Baden McIsaac, 25, appeared before Justice Brendon Brown in the High Court at Palmerston North on charges including burglary, possession of a knife and fourth suppressed charge...

    Justice Brown remanded McIsaac in custody until February next year.

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