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Before we take nominations for the Post of the Day for Monday 10/12 let's look back to the weekend.

We had many nominations. A lot through my email which works too. A nomination sent by drone would be very cool so someone start working on that please.

It's a tie. I can't decide between these two posts so here we go:

Tlcya nominated Atomicmod:http://www.websleuths.com/forums/sho...4#post12104764

By the way, I keep seeing articles referring to BD as a "mastermind." Please. That's like saying someone who flushes a toilet is a master plumber.
That made me laugh. Gotta love a post that makes you laugh these days.

Number 2 for the Number 1 Post of the Day:

Observation wrote:

Beach- you state you moderate "loosely" but I just wanted to add a few thoughts to this:
You get right into the case with us and acknowledge how difficult it is at times to sit and be patient and not sleuth folks that are begging to be sleuthed.
You step in and pick very appropriate times to interject and redirect the flow of conversation. You are willing to be vulnerable and ask Tricia for direction and share your own candid reflections.
I joined very interested in the Hanna G. Case because I have 2 young daughters. Since then, I have been impressed with your style and approach to moderating. I will end with a sincere thank you!

Agreed!!!! Beach has done amazing work in the Siever's forum.

Now it's your turn. Nominate your favorite post for the Websleuths Post of the Day .

Someday I might be able to offer a cool prize like a giant iguana but for now you will have to do with my heartfelt thanks for participating.