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    KS - Craig Tinsley accused of shooting 7-year-old daughter, Kansas City, 2015

    KC man accused of shooting 7-year-old daughter

    A seven-year-old girl said when she went to tell her dad that she didn't feel good, he pulled out a gun and shot her.


    The seven-year-old was bleeding from her left hand and crying for her mother.

    At the hospital, the seven-year-old girl told officers that she wasn't feeling well that day and had 'owies.' The girl said she went into her dad's bedroom to tell him and he got mad.

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    This is awful! I wonder, why did CPS not interact when someone with a prior conviction decided to have children? I am praying for the poor little girl and the 16-year-old as well. I hope they go to a better family.
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    7-year-old’s grandfather says little girl is recovering at hospital after being shot by her father

    Seven-year-old Jordan Tinsley’s left hand is in a cast after being shot in the hand by her father, according to her paternal grandfather, who says he saw his granddaughter earlier in the day Monday.

    He says Jordan was also grazed on her lower left back by a bullet.

    Thank goodness she is going to be okay. It is a miracle her back was only grazed!!!!

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    How is she supposed to live with that incident in her little brain? She goes to her Daddy for comfort and he shoots her? How messed up is that? How does it make her feel? Poor baby. uugghhhhhhh
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