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    UK - Man Arrested In London In Connection With Wilfrid Laurier University Threats


    "A 22-year-old man has been arrested in London, England in connection with online threats against Wilfrid Laurier University, according to Waterloo Regional Police.

    Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) arrested the man in Tottenham Hale, northern London, United Kingdom "on suspicion of malicious communication," and he remains in custody, police said in a news release Saturday.

    Police said the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the National Cyber Crime Unit — part of the United Kingdom's National Crime Agency — the FBI and the MPS were all involved in the investigation.

    Several media outlets reported someone posted a threat against the university in the online community 4Chan".

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    "The lockdown on the Waterloo campus of Wilfrid Laurier University was lifted at 11:30 a.m. on Friday October 16, 2015 and the campus re-opened at that time as investigators were satisfied the campus was safe.

    Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo Regional Police Service and Wilfrid Laurier University Special Constable Service would like to thank the community for their understanding during this uncertain threat to our Region. The safety and security of faculty, staff, students and the community was of utmost concern and at the forefront of decisions.

    Further information will be released once available".

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    " Waterloo police say they are now sharing information with other law enforcement agencies to learn more about the arrest and potential charges. Since the man was arrested in the U.K., any possible charges would be laid overseas.

    “What we will do is work in conjunction with the Metropolitan Police for information-sharing. But they will determine whether or not … it actually fills something whereby they will go forward with charges,” Waterloo Regional Police Sergeant Amy Moore told CTV Kitchener.

    Some have speculated that the post may have been a hoax, but Moore says an online prank could still lead to police response.

    “When a person posts an online threat, to themselves it may very well be a prank or hoax. However if the recipient or recipients of that believe it to be something that is possible and it causes a level of fear or anxiety, those things, when brought to police attention, are taken very seriously,” Moore said".

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    " The 22-year-old man, identified by police as Daniel Ransem, will appear in court Monday.
    He faces a charge of malicious communications.

    The U.K.'s Malicious Communications Act makes it illegal for anyone to send a threat with the intent to cause distress or anxiety.

    The man's connection to Wilfrid Laurier, if one exists, is unknown"

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    "Just why the young man singled out Laurier "is one of the unanswered questions," said university president Max Blouw. "I really have no idea whether there is a connection."

    Laurier recently announced it has signed an agreement that would let students earn a B.A. from Laurier and a law degree from University of Sussex in England. "That may have been publicized there, but I don't know that for a fact. I really don't know," he said.


    Waterloo Regional Police do not know what the man's connection to Laurier might be, or why he singled out the science building at the university in his Internet post, which read in part, "Don't go to laurier science building hall tomorrow."

    Several police services were involved in the investigation, including Waterloo Regional Police, the Laurier special constable service, the RCMP, the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the United States, which first drew attention to the posted threat, and the Metropolitan Police in London.

    Blouw said he was grateful "for the excellent team we have at the university, and the wonderful work of the police forces co-operating with one another to bring this to closure.

    "That level of co-operation, and the fact that they've taken this seriously and pursued it is very gratifying," Blouw added


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    " October 23, 2015 10:59AM EDT

    Waterloo Regional Police and campus special constables are at the Waterloo campus of Wilfrid Laurier University after a Snapchat post raised concerns of the possibility of violence.

    A posting made on Snapchat late Thursday shows a shirtless man carrying what appears to be a Kalashnikov-style assault rifle. A caption beneath the man says “Tell ISIS to find me in the science building,” apparently referring to the science building on Laurier’s campus.

    Police are looking to identify the man in this photograph posted to Snapchat on Thursday. (Waterloo Regional Police)

    Police say a number of related posts by the user on Snapchat suggest the person who posted the image is aware of the layout of WLU. Police swept the science building and two other buildings nearby.

    Police are looking to identify the man in the Snapchat photo, circulating the image online"

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