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    Canada - Sarah Skunk, 43, Sudbury, Ont, 1995

    "Sarah Skunk
    circa 1976


    Missing Since:1995 from Sudbury, Ontario
    Classification: Missing
    Date Of Birth: October 8, 1952
    Age: 55
    Height: 5'8"
    Race: Aboriginal
    Gender: Female
    Distinguishing Characteristics: Scar on right side of head

    Details of Disappearance
    In the year of 1995, Sarah Skunk visited with family members located in Mishkeegogamang First Nation and Shabaqua, ON. She has not been heard from by her immediate family members ever since. She wasn't reported as missing until February 15th, 2000. Skunk has several aliases and was believed to have been seen in March 2007 in Sudbury."


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    "Sarah Skunk was one of 11 siblings, and at 43 she was seen for the last time by a friend in Thunder Bay, Ontario in 1995. The Nishnawbe Aski Police Service is investigating the missing persons file and took DNA samples from Sarah’s mother in September 2014 to compare with that of a body that was discovered on the West Coast of the United States in 1996."


    "After getting into trouble in the community she lived in, she was taken away from the reserve to attend training school in Toronto in the late ‘60s.

    Maryanne Skunk, Sarah’s sister, remembers that day well.

    “I remember crying because they were taking her away,” she said, recalling that last time Sarah ever lived at home.

    “I think it was just the damage that was done to her... the way we were raised. I think that’s why she never wanted to come home.”

    The family last saw Sarah when she returned home for a visit in the mid* 1980s. The last place she was reportedly sighted was in Thunder Bay, Ont. in 1995.

    A friend of the family who had seen her told the Skunks that Sarah was bound for the West Coast.

    The family, along with two investigators from the Nishnawbe Aski Police Service, have followed up on leads that have surfaced over the years of mystery, but Sarah has yet to be found."


    " Sarah’s mother is 90* years *old. She can’t walk anymore, and Maryanne says she often speaks about how her time to go is coming.

    But still, the mother waits, keeping an eye open for her child.

    “A few times I’ve seen her sitting by the window looking out, and that’s what she brings up,” Melissa said.

    “Sometimes I actually really believe that’s something that’s keeping her... that in itself is really heartbreaking to see.”

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    Wondering if this could be the uid female remains found in Oregon, that was being compared to Sarah, if not, perhaps she should be, imo.
    The dates are off, but then there seems to be a variation in the date that Sarah may have gone missing.

    "On Sept. 9, 1993, the body of a woman, between 30 and 40 years old, was found on the east bank of the Willamette River, south of the Burlington-Northern railroad bridge.

    Investigators said an autopsy determined she had drowned. The cause of death was determined, but not the manner of death. Detectives said there were suspicious circumstances surrounding the death.

    "The way her clothes were, the condition her clothes were in not what I would expect to see from someone who jumped into the water," said Terry Wagner, a cold case investigator.

    In 1993, there was no conclusion to the case, so the remains were cremated.

    While there is no DNA profile, Vance said there's still plenty of circumstantial information about the woman.

    They have dental records, two sketches of her face and a sketch of a silver ring with a distinctive roadrunner that the woman was wearing when she was found. They also know a bit about the woman's medical history."

    Read more: http://www.kptv.com/story/19482707/c...#ixzz3p3JkxUsu

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    "There was a body that was found in Oregon." Melissa Skunk's aunt, Sarah, has been missing for nearly thirty years. Her family has never stopped looking, and in the fall of last year, there was a new lead. The facial composite of an unidentified body found in Oregon looked just like Sarah. As Melissa tells As It Happens host Carol Off, "Everybody in our family said "'it's her.' It's her because the resemblance was so strong. The facial features and everything." The Nishnawbe-Aski police service came and collected a DNA sample from Melissa's grandmother in Mishkeegogamang, ON.

    For six months, the Skunk family waited for the results of the test. "My grandma is 91 years old and during the six months of waiting… we'd see her sitting there, looking out the window." Melissa says that after all these years "she wants to know where she is. Is she ok out there? Where is she? Does she know we're looking for her? Is she alive?" But when the DNA test results came back, Melissa and her grandmother were no closer to getting the answers.
    There was no match. "It was crushing," she says.
    Another of Melissa's aunts has her own theory as to where her sister might be. She believes Sarah was a victim of serial killer Robert Pickton. She has a recurring dream about a house. A house that looks just like the Pickton farmhouse in Port Coquitlam, B.C. "Dreams are a big thing in our culture. We are taught to listen to our dreams." Sarah was reported to have traveled to the province many times.

    Sarah Skunk (Supplied by family)
    (Last seen in 1986)

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