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    KY - Crystal Rogers Media Thread *NO DISCUSSION*

    Crystal Rogers

    Bardstown Police looking for missing woman
    Authorities in Nelson Co. are looking for a woman who has been missing since Friday afternoon.

    The Nelson County Sheriff's Office issued a statement asking for those who may know the whereabouts of 35-year-old Crystal M. Rogers.

    Roger's vehicle was found on Bluegrass Pkwy. with the keys in the ignition and her belongings inside.

    Discussion threads: http://www.websleuths.com/forums/tag...crystal+rogers
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    Crystal's vehicle was located on the Bluegrass Parkway near the 14 mile marker West Bound by family. The vehicle is a maroon 2007 four door Chevrolet. It was abandoned at the 14 mile marker with a flat tire. The vehicle was left with its keys and Crystals personal belongings.

    She was last seen by her boyfriend on Friday afternoon.

    The family is very concerned and states that it is not like her to not be in touch.
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    Local Sheriff's department FB page: https://www.facebook.com/crystal.rogers.1612?fref=ts

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    And the Bardstown Police Dept FB page (with comments to a posting about Crystal)

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    Family is offering a reward.

    "The sheriff said there is no reason to suspect foul play other than the circumstances surrounding her disappearance."

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    Some new-to-me info from this article:

    "The mother of five was last seen on Friday, July 3 at her boyfriend's farm in Nelson County."

    "Ballard says she last saw her daughter on Wednesday when she dropped her granddaughter off at her house."

    “'She rents rental property and I mean you come into contact with people who get mad at you for that but nothing that would hurt her,' she said."

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    The press conference is included in this clip.


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    The family has increased the reward to $40,000 today.


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    Quote Originally Posted by karenky View Post
    The press conference is included in this clip.

    The press conference from yesterday is also posted here:

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    This is sad:

    "Roby said after the press conference this is the second time the family has been involved in a missing person case, and the memory of the first one is making this one harder.

    In 1979, Tommy Ballard’s sister, Sherry Ballard Barnes, went missing and was later found murdered."


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    The reward's been upped, but not much in the way of news.

    Reward now $40k for info on Crystal Rogers; police, family searches continue
    Nelson County Gazette, Bardstown KY
    The family of Crystal M. Rogers, the Bardstown woman missing since Friday, July 3, have raised the reward they are offering for information leading to her safe return to $40,000.
    Nelson County Sheriff Ed Mattingly told the Nelson County Gazette Tuesday that the Kentucky State Police crime lab completed processing Rogers’ car on Monday, but would not discuss what evidence may have been recovered. The investigation is ongoing Mattingly said.
    Tuesday morning, members of the Nelson County Sheriff’s Office were preparing to continue their search on the Beech Fork River from Loretto Road west. Nelson County Dispatch received reports of family members’ continuing their search on foot an on ATVs.

    I hadn't seen that she was kin to the Barnes lady. I'd heard about her murder, but I thought she'd been dismembered and scattered around the woods near Sympson Lake (Bardstown). Not the Ohio River...

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    From the Kentucky Standard newspaper:

    Houck and Rogers were living together, according to Rogers’ family, and have a 2 ½-year-old child together, Elijah Thomas Houck. Rogers also has four other children, including two by her estranged husband, Keith Rogers, according to Mattingly.

    Rogers’ mother, Sherry Ballard, said Monday Houck has “Eli” in his custody.

    “He’s with his daddy, and his daddy won’t let me see him,” she said.


    If you were completely innocent would you really keep that poor grandmother from seeing her daughter's child?

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    Who killed Abigail Williams & Liberty German?

    Anyone with information about this case, no matter how insignificant, is encouraged to call the Delphi Homicide Investigation Tip Line at (844) 459-5786.

    Information can also be reported by calling the Indiana State Police at (800) 382-7537, or the Carroll County Sheriff’s Department at (765) 564-2413.

    Information can also be emailed to Abbyandlibbytip@cacoshrf.com

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    From nancy grace show last night


    GRACE: Live to Bardstown, Kentucky, where a mom of five, Crystal Rogers, maroon Chevy found on the side of the road with a flat tire. She*

    has not been spotted alive since.*


    UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We`re just trying to find her.*

    UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Crystal Rogers` car was found on the Bluegrass Parkway abandoned with a flat tire.*

    UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Crystal, if you can hear our voice, we love you. We want to know where you`re at.*

    UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Her purse was in there, her cell phone was in there, her keys was in the ignition.*


    GRACE: Joining me right now Scott Johnson from WVLK. Scott, she was at her home that evening, and she leaves at some point. We know she was*

    talking on the phone, the cell phone, and she leaves, and her car is found at what time and what`s in the car?*

    SCOTT JOHNSON, WVLK: In the car, we`re not sure exactly when it was found. She was last seen on Friday. The family reported her missing on*

    Saturday. Or went to the police on Saturday, the 4th, to report her missing. The car was found with a flat tire and the keys were in the car.*

    There was a cell phone, her purse, diaper bag in the car. There was gas in the car, police say. The only thing wrong was there was a flat tire.*

    There were no other problems, but there was no Crystal.*

    GRACE: Joining me now special guest, in addition to Scott Johnson, from WLVK. The father and mother of Crystal. Take a look at this maroon*

    Chevy. Tommy and Sherry Ballard are with us. Thank you for being with us.*

    TOMMY BALLARD, FATHER: You`re welcome.*

    SHERRY BALLARD, MOTHER: You`re welcome.*

    GRACE: First of all, our prayers are going up ever since we heard about her missing, and we are all hoping and praying for her return. I*

    want to start with you, Ms. Ballard. When did you first learn she`s missing?*

    S. BALLARD: Friday, her granddaughter contacted me and said she couldn`t get in touch with her. So I texted my daughter and just told her*

    that her daughter was trying to get in touch with her and to call her. I think that was around 6:00 maybe. Around 9:30 maybe, Kylie texted me back*

    and said she still hadn`t heard from her mother, so I started calling around to people that I think she would have talked to --*

    GRACE: Was that abnormal? Was that unusual, Ms. Ballard, for her not to have texted back?*

    S. BALLARD: Right at that moment, I didn`t pay real big attention. A little bit, not a lot, because the kids were -- her oldest daughter that*

    lived there with her was at her grandmother`s. The two, the younger two was at their dad`s, and she just had the baby there at home. It was July*

    4th weekend. I thought maybe she had plans and maybe didn`t get to her phone. But then when I started calling everybody and nobody had heard from*

    her, that was sort of unusual.*


    GRACE: When you say you started contacting everybody and no one had heard from her, who did you contact?*

    S. BALLARD: I called my mother, because she`s real close with her. I called my younger daughter. I called my sister-in-law, Barbara, and I*

    don`t remember if I -- I think that`s all I called. I called Sabrina, my niece.*

    GRACE: And Ms. Ballard, with me is Tommy and Sherry Ballard. This is Crystal`s mom and dad. When did it hit you she`s missing?*

    S. BALLARD: It really hit me Sunday. My daughter texted me back or called me and asked me, she said, have you heard from Crystal yet? I said*

    no, I said, you haven`t heard from her? She said no. And so I called my mom back and other people, and they hadn`t heard from her. And I told my*

    husband, I said, that`s just not right.*

    GRACE: How often do you normally talk to her?*

    S. BALLARD: During the week, at least probably every other day, if not every day because the kids, like her older daughter lives with me, so*

    we`re constantly in contact. Not as much on the weekends.*

    GRACE: And that is so true, Ms. Ballard. Even adult women very often call their mom and dad every day. You know, you`ve got grandchildren*

    involved. You`ve got them checking on you, you checking on her. And most people are in touch with their family quite often.*

    Mr. Ballard, to you also, thank you for being with us, what are police telling you tonight?*

    T. BALLARD: Nothing. I mean, I understand they`re doing all they can. They don`t want to jeopardize nothing, but we really haven`t found*

    out nothing. We`ve been out searching ourself since Sunday, since me and my son found her car.*

    GRACE: Where are you searching?*

    T. BALLARD: Where her car was. And they said she was seen at her boyfriend`s farm. We`re searching out towards that area, just every lead*

    we get.*

    GRACE: You know, hold on, I`m hearing in my ear that the sheriff is joining us right now. Sheriff Ed Mattingly with the Nelson County*

    Sheriff`s Office is with us. Sheriff Mattingly, thank you for being with us. I know the Ballards have just come in physically from out searching*

    for their daughter, and I don`t know what I would do other than exactly what they`re doing, go out and start searching. Interesting, Sheriff*

    Mattingly, her car had a flat. I`m curious what caused the flat or was the flat -- was it a fake? Did she really pick up a nail or did somebody slash*

    the tire to make it look that way?*

    MATTINGLY: First appearance, we will be sending the tire to the lab, but it appears the nail was worn, as if it had been wedged down into the*

    tire and driven on. The tracks at the scene also indicate that the car came to the side of the road, driving on the rim.*

    GRACE: I`ve done that before, and it certainly leaves a mark. Well, Sheriff, you`ve answered my question. That`s enough to convince me she*

    really did have a flat. That is not a contrived scene. What`s interesting, Sheriff Mattingly, I think this is true, our sources are*

    telling us her keys, her cell phone, her diaper bag and her purse was in the car?*

    MATTINGLY: Her personal belongings were in the car, but that doesn`t mean she was the person driving the car. We`ve used the media to generate*

    tips, but when you do that, it also creates confusion.




    UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We`re still waiting on you. We love you. We`re looking for you.*

    UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: They found her unlocked maroon Chevy Impala abandoned on the Bluegrass Parkway. Her tires were flat.*

    More at the link

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    Tonight on NG. Boyfriend speaks

    “All of my efforts in searching for her have been done behind the scenes with the Nelson County Sheriff’s Office,” Brooks*Houck*told Grace Thursday.

    So why are the parents saying that he has not helped in the searches. Hmmmm
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    Still missing! William Tyrrell, Deorr Kunz, Crystal Rogers, Andrew Alexander and Tanner Skelton.

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