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borndem said

These cases make us all feel mean and angry and primitive and not-who-we-are. We cannot comprehend savagery of this sort, and that is what saves our sanity & our souls.

But --

I think we need to stay with these cases -- knowing we can shut the computer down for as long as we wish, and doing it when we have to -- because we feel that we have to stand for the littlest of us. Somehow, there was no one there to stop the monster(s) who were being so cruel, selfish and unfeeling -- but we can make these cases more public and known so that maybe one day we will be celebrating the what-could-have-been-but-wasn't. We weren't there to stop it; we aren't there to protest it or to legislate it or to prosecute it; but we can be where we are to raise it to our representatives, to work in shelters, to tell about it in prayer groups or Scouts or Clubs, or just to cry about it sometimes.

It makes us more aware and it energizes us. If we see something in a parking lot or at the grocery store or in Target, etc., that doesn't "look right," then it might make us say something like, "Would you like to just sit and talk and take a break from [screaming at your child, or whatever]? I'll be glad to sit with you & have a quiet time, or just to listen." And to report it if we are in a position that demands it.

Some form of those kinds of things we can do. And we can stand witness for these little ones who could never witness for themselves.
Beautiful Post of the Day from Borndern.

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