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    SC - Sexual assault victim bit assailant's tongue "until she heard it snap", Oct 2015

    Last Friday, a woman called reported to the North Charleston Police Department that she had been sexually assaulted in her home. Around 6:30 A.M., she heard a knock, and opened her front door. No one was there, so she went back to bed.

    Shortly afterward, she heard another knock. She opened the door again, but didn't see anyone. Then the doorbell rang. This time, she walked outside to look around, and saw a 16-year-old boy on the side of her house holding a knife with a white handle up to his chest. She screamed, "No!", and tried to run inside, but the guy shoved his body in the door to prevent her from closing it.

    The woman said the suspect then forced himself into the house, tackled her to the floor, punched her several times and told her to "stop fighting and I won't hurt you".

    An incident report states the suspect then asked her where the bedroom was, picked her up and took her to the bedroom. Once at the bedroom, the victim said the suspect attempted to take her shorts off, but the victim kicked him in the groin to stop him.

    At that point, the victim said the suspect told her "Now you have to die!" and forced his tongue in her mouth.

    The victim told officers when the suspect put his tongue in her mouth she "bit his tongue as hard as she could until she heard it snap."

    According to the victim, the suspect then got off the bed. The victim said she still had the suspect's tongue in her mouth, and threw it on the kitchen floor.
    The victim got in her car and drove to a business to call the police. Later, the perp was apprehended at a Waffle House after his mother called 911 to say her son had no tongue, and needed medial assistance.

    Police found his tongue in the victim's house and packed it in ice. They also found a knife with a white handle in her yard.

    Antoine Miller has been charged with first-degree criminal sexual conduct, first-degree assault, first-degree battery, possession of a weapon during a violent crime, and first-degree kidnapping, said a representative for the North Charleston Police Department.

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    No pun intended, but how is he going to explain this one bessie?

    Ok, pun intended lol.
    Media thread for Abby and Libby.


    WebSleuths Lingo thread.


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    Um ew?!
    Alrighty then.
    Still not sure how he planned to kill her with that.
    But at least everyone will know who it was!

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    I have a special place in my heart for all rape victims, but this lady is my new hero.

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    And why was he at a Waffle House? I can't imagine biting a tongue off, but thankfully she did and got away.

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