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    London Police facial ‘Super Recognizer’


    "Friends call Constable Collins Rain Man or Yoda or simply The Oracle. But to Scotland Yard, London’s metropolitan police force, he is known as a “super recognizer.” He has a special gift of facial recall powers that enables him to match even low-quality and partial imagery to a face he has seen before, on the street or in a database and possibly years earlier. The last time he had come face to face with Mr. Prince was during a fleeting encounter in 2005."

    “Computers are no match for the super recognizers,” said Detective Chief Inspector Mick Neville, head of the Central Forensic Image Team at Scotland Yard and mastermind of the squad.

    WITH its estimated one million security cameras, London is pioneering a new area of detection, one that could be cheaper than DNA analysis and fingerprinting and relies above all on human superpowers. Scotland Yard’s ever-expanding team of 152 super recognizers is made up of men and women from across the force who score at the top end of a facial recognition test originally devised at Harvard in 2009. Constable Collins, the star of the unit, is in the rarefied 1 percent range.

    Traffic police and jailers, those patrolling neighborhoods and officers who specialize in violent crime, the super recognizers have more than tripled the number of identifications since April 2013. They are deployed to pick out known thieves and sexual offenders in crowds of tens of thousands at rock concerts and to round up pickpockets at tourist spots like Buckingham Palace. This year, they solved the high-profile murder of a teenage girl that had led to the mobilization of 600 police officers across eight forces, the biggest search operation since the 2005 London bombings".

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    "Super recognizers have an “exceptional” ability to recognize faces and can often recognize a person years after catching just a fleeting glimpse of their face, says super recognizer expert Josh P. Davis, Ph.D., a senior lecturer of psychology at the U.K.’s University of Greenwich.

    But they’re not easy to find: Davis tells Yahoo Health that super recognizers make up “probably less than one percent of the population.”

    Davis has developed a new online test to help people determine whether they have this extraordinary ability. The test, which takes five minutes to complete, involves looking at different faces for eight seconds before trying to ID a face in a lineup of eight. People who score above a 10 on the test may be a super recognizer.

    Super recognizers are currently used in the London police department to help identify criminals in often-fuzzy CCTV footage, Davis says, and he’s hoping his test will help him find more so that he and his team and further investigate the phenomenon."

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    "(CBS News) The London police at Scotland Yard, like the police everywhere, use all kinds of technology to solve crimes, such as DNA evidence, modern forensics and fingerprints. However, they've also discovered that the best tool in fact may be the oldest tool: the human eyeball.

    British officials have discovered that not all eyeballs are the same. They found out something they were not expecting at Scotland Yard a couple of years ago.

    During the week of street rioting and looting that was the low-light of the 2011 London summer, much of the lawlessness was captured on security cameras, but unless those breaking the law could actually be identified, the images were useless as a policing tool.

    Much vaunted computer facial recognition software was supposed to be able to spot the faces of known criminals in the crowd. Except, according to Detective Chief Inspector Mick Neville, something else worked better.

    "We had 4,000 images and we put them through the facial recognition software. It picked out one suspect," said Neville. "I've got one officer here, P.C. Gary Collins, he picked out 180 suspects. So the human is 180 times better than the magic machine."

    Police Constable Gary Collins has now identified more than 600 suspects for all sorts of crimes over the years, suspects no other person or machine managed to spot. He never stops."


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    "Could you be a super-recogniser?

    Partly due to the success of a few police super-recognisers at identifying a large number of criminal offenders from CCTV images there has been a massive increase in interest in individuals possessing these exceptional abilities. The face recognition and other cognitive abilities of some of the officers have been tested by Dr Josh P Davis and Dr Charlotte Forrest at the University of Greenwich, and we are always looking out for other super-recognisers - particularly those not in the police - so that we can find out more about this extraordinary skill."

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    I am afraid I am the opposite of "super-recognizer." I always forget people. Then the say things to me and I have no idea who they are.
    Just my opinion

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    I have a habit of placing everyone on a continuum and am constantly saying this person reminds me of that person, or those two could have been separated at birth. For some reason my brain just registers random commonalities in faces, I guess. I used my personal recognition system and took the test:

    Thank you for your participation.

    You scored 11 out of 14.

    If you scored above 10 you may be a super recogniser, but you would need to do more tests to find this out.

    If you would like to do the further tests NOW please click the link HERE. These will take 45 minutes to complete. If you go on to complete these tests now please could you leave your email address below so we can match up your records.


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    I'm curious and excited to try this as soon as I can, as well as see how some of you guys do! I've been training myself to remember details (people, cars, etc), not sure if I will be any good though!
    Northern Colorado Shootings / Incidents Lists & Time Table / Detailed Spreadsheet by Forager:

    Northern Colorado Shootings Case Map:

    NoCo / Thread 1 / Possible Serial Shooter has Colorado Drivers on Edge / WHO KILLED JACOBY AND CONNOLE?

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    I got 12 out of 14.

    "Thank you for your participation.

    You scored 12 out of 14."

    But when it comes to actual people I tend to forget who they are.
    Just my opinion

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