No photo, no dentals, no DNA, no FP for Caroline Worsley in NAMUS. Strawberry-blonde hair, blue eyes.
scar on abdomen, mole on head. 3 of her teeth were capped. It does not specify which teeth.
64 inches tall, 150 lbs.

Caroline is from Louisiana, but the exact city in East Baton Rouge Parish is unknown. Her disappearance date and place of disappearance are unknown; she was LKA on May 27, 1995. Caroline was travelling "to Las Vegas." Her car was found in AZ. It is not clear if she was going to Las Vegas, NV or Las Vegas, NM. (probably going to Nevada-MOO).

Caroline was 42 years old when she disappeared in 1995. The only contact info is for the East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office- no
individual is listed from the SO.