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    WA - Toddler survives night in flooded bath, mother dead, Spokane 2005

    I am not sure Mom's death was a crime, maybe an accident? but still - that poor baby!

    Police entered a house where neighbors complained of hearing water running and a baby crying over night, and found a 14-month-old girl alive next to her dead mother in a flooded tub. According to officers at the scene, the victim lived with the child in a duplex in the 1300 block of North Vista in Spokane Valley. Sometime Thursday morning, neighbors in the other half of the residence called the manager and complained of hearing running water and the baby crying all night.

    The manager stopped by the duplex about 10am and could hear the baby and the shower running, but could not get the 44-year-old resident to come to the door. He called the Spokane Valley Police and officers responded to the home.

    Officers used the landlord's key to make entry and found 44-year-old Lori A. Granger deceased in the bathtub with the baby by her side. The shower was running and the tub was about half full.

    The hot water tank had long since drained and cold water was cascading down on the baby and mother's body.

    Officers fixed the infant a bottle to calm her crying and then began looking for the source of the mother's demise. None was found, and the cause of death likely will depend on an autopsy conducted by the medical examiner's office, deputies said.


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    Poor Baby !! How sad ...

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