Fisherman Donald Kershaw thought he had a record catch. That is, until the Department of Natural Resources determined the scale he used to weigh his fish was almost 20 pounds off-kilter.

Kershaw caught a flathead catfish in August in Cataract Lake in southwest Indiana and had it weighed at a DNR check station, which recorded it at 85 pounds. He submitted it to the DNR for recognition as a record, but department officials this week determined the actual weight was 66 pounds.

"It's still a heck of a catch and a heck of a fish. But maybe this could help the next guy recognize good scales," said Randy Lang, DNR fisheries staff specialist.

The DNR lists the state record for flathead catfish at 79 pounds, 8 ounces. Kershaw, whose 66-pounder is tucked safely away in a freezer at his home, isn't giving up his hope of someday landing a record.

"In my own mind, I know it was a record. I know it was," he said.