Tony Bagley was trick-or-treating with his family on Halloween night in 1994 when he was murdered. At 6:15 that evening, a man wearing a hooded sweatsuit ambushed the family and opened fire on them. He then jumped into a waiting car and fled the area. His aunt, mother and sister were also shot and treated at the hospital. Tony was placed on life support and later died.

As the Bagley family were the only ones attacked, the primary theory was that this was intentional. Tony's father was allegedly involved in a drug deal gone bad and this attack may have been done in retaliation. The father himself was later convicted of murder and he has never spoken to detectives on who the possible perpetrator may have been. Investigators have never been able to make a connection between the two and the case remains unsolved.

No Answers in Boy's 1994 Halloween Murder

A mystery gunman reportedly jumped out of the darkness and opened fire at the group, shooting Tony in the head and killing him. The boy's older sister, mother, and an aunt were also hit but survived. The only descriptions witnesses gave was the man was African American, about 5'8" tall and wearing dark-colored clothing, officials say.

Family members speculated the shooting may have been retaliation for a drug deal gone bad in connection with Tony's father, but officials have been unable to link that theory to the crime.

Halloween Murder of Trick-or-Treater Still Unsolved 17 Years Later - October 31, 2011

- This article was written by Cathy Scott, who has attempted to keep the case in the public eye throughout the years. A $100,000 reward did not result in further information.

Father of slain boy now suspect in murder - April 9, 1998

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