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    Poland - Ontario medical student, Manpreet Kanhaiya's, 22, death a mystery



    "Jaswinder Kanhaiya dismissed the idea that his son's death could have been a suicide, saying Manpreet was in good spirits and eager to begin his studies when he last saw him.

    "He was a perfect student, he was a perfect son and a perfect brother."

    Kanhaiya's parents travelled with him to help him get settled on Sept. 28 before heading back to Toronto via London. After they didn't hear from Manpreet for two days they contacted the landlord at the off-campus private dorm where he was staying, who told them he had accidentally fallen from his fourth-floor window in the early morning hours of Sept. 29.

    Kanhaiya was hospitalized but died of his injuries on Sept. 30."


    "Friends call death 'unbelievable'

    Kanhaiya — or Manny, as he was known to friends and family — graduated from the University of Waterloo and Notre Dame Catholic School in Brampton before that.

    Jaswinder Kanhaiya said many of Manpreet's high school friends have contacted him to say they're shocked by the news of his son's death and feel the story is "unbelievable."

    Manpreet's father is also unnerved by a series of odd text messages he received from his son on the evening of the fall, including some where it seemed he may have feared for his safety.

    One message said: "These people are talking to me, I'm not talking to them."

    Manpreet also sent messages to his brother, asking him to screen shot certain names.

    "Don't ask don't tell … just screen shot," the message said.

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    "Lodz police are investigating his death and confirmed Thursday they have accessed CCTV camera footage from the building and also have the results of a post-mortem, all of which will be shared with Kanhaiya's family.

    "Students told investigators that he was behaving differently. He was walking through the hallways taking off his clothes," Aneta Sobieraj, a Lodz police spokesperson, told CBC News.

    Moments later, Sobieraj said witnesses said Kanhaiya closed his door and locked it. He was later found lying injured on the ground below his dorm window."

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    "Manpreet’s dreams of becoming a doctor were dashed when he wasn’t admitted to medical school in Canada, but with encouragement from his mother, the fourth-year University of Waterloo student applied for and was accepted into a dentistry program in Poland.

    Manpreet’s parents flew to Lodz on Sept. 23 with their son to make sure he was properly settled, and after five days boarded a plane for London, UK, to visit family on the way home.

    When they landed, they received Manpreet’s last text, sent at 1:30 a.m, just before he went to sleep. After sending multiple messages all day, they grew worried and called his residence on the 30th, only to receive the fateful news.

    He says residence staff told him Manpreet had fallen out of his fourth-storey window."


    "Kanhaiya scrolls through the conversations he had with his son over the last days of his life, and has found messages that now seem curious.

    “He was happy, but there was fear in his mind,” he said.

    The day before his death, Manpreet sent his brother a strange message.

    Going to be careful here. Just want you to keep a screenshot of a these names ok (sic),” he wrote, adding a list of three first names and the words: “Don’t ask. Don’t tell. Just screenshot. If anything good or bad happens.”

    “We don’t know whether he was targeted,” Kanhaiya said, not knowing whether police have sought out the names in Manpreet’s text. “I think that those people know something, or they are part of the problem.”

    Kanhaiya says he and his son, who both wear turbans, stuck out in Lodz, where there aren’t many Sikhs.

    “We were called Taliban,” he says. “We saw that with our own eyes.”

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    "Manpreet Kanhaiya was 'physically agitated' on night he fell from dorm window: police
    Post-mortem finds no alcohol in 22-year-old’s system, but 'designer drugs' not ruled out

    Last Updated: Nov 07, 2015"

    "Prosecutor Krzysztof Kopania said no alcohol or drugs were detected in Kanhaiya's system, however he wouldn't rule out the possibility the student was under the influence of psychoactive "designer drugs," which he said can be hard to detect as they leave the system quickly.
    ​Kanhaiya was, he wrote, "behaving in an unclear manner and the contact with him was difficult."

    Kopania said the student also appeared "overactive" and "physically agitated."

    "This does not allow us to exclude the possibility of the deceased being under the influence of psychoactive substances."

    Kopania also said nobody appeared to be threatening Kanhaiya on the night of his death.

    "We do not have a basis to claim the contribution of any third parties to this death, nor that the deceased had faced any aggression of such third parties."

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