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    IL - Kaylyn Pryor, 20, killed, 15yo injured in Chicago shooting, 2 Nov 2015

    Evanston woman who won modeling contest shot, killed in Chicago. Kaylyn Pryor had left her grandmother's home in Chicago's Englewood neighborhood after a visit and was on her way to catch a bus home to Evanston. She was getting ready for a job interview and, as an aspiring model, wanted to look her best.

    A few minutes later, Pryor's grandmother, Jo Ann Scott, heard gunshots, and a neighbor came to her door to tell her that Pryor had been shot. Pryor, 20, and a 15-year-old boy were on a sidewalk in the 7300 block of South May Street on Monday when someone in a passing dark-colored SUV fired shots, hitting them, said Anthony Guglielmi a spokesman for the Chicago police. Guglielmi called Pryor an "unintended target" of gunfire.


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    From last month:


    The search continues for the gunman who killed aspiring model Kaylyn Pryor on an Englewood street corner as she waited for a bus...

    There is a $26,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the gunman.

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    Unsolved: Model aspiring to be lawyer shot dead at Chicago bus stop

    Kaylyn Pryor saw modeling as a way for her to pay for dream of one day being a lawyer. Sadly, that dream would be snuffed out by a mystery gunman.

    "That day was the worst day of my life," said Alan Scott, Kaylyn's father.

    But who pulled the trigger -- and why? Believe it or not, more than 4,300 people were shot in the city of Chicago last year. One of them, an aspiring model whose future was stolen by a mystery man with a gun.

    Funny, vivacious, goofy -- just a few of the words used to describe Kaylyn Pryor by her father, Alan, and her sister Chantal.
    Suddenly, Kaylyn was on the cusp of stardom, fielding offers from national modeling agencies, her life full of promise and possibility. Then, on November 2, 2015, just hours before she was to sign a contract, cruel fate cast a devastating blow.

    Kaylyn was visiting her grandparents in the South Side neighborhood of Englewood. Late in the day, she headed for the bus to take her home. She was standing near a 15-year-old boy when a dark-colored SUV rolled up and opened fire.

    "They shot him, I think, three times, and I guess she was standing so close to him that she couldn't get out the way, and he shot her once," said Alan.

    "Under her armpit," said Chantal.

    The teenage boy -- the intended target -- was rushed to a hospital. He'll survive. Sadly, Kaylyn was not so lucky.

    "From what I hear, she had a heart attack," said Alan. "That's what they said."
    Police efforts to find Kaylyn's killer hit a surprising roadblock: The 15-year-old who was also shot that day has not been cooperative.

    "We have not heard anything from him," said Chantal.

    In fact, no witnesses are stepping forward -- and remember, this happened in broad daylight.

    "It was daytime when it happened, the sun was still up, so I know people saw it, but nobody said anything. Nobody said anything," said Alan.

    Why? Fear: The 15-year-old was a reported gang member. But Kaylyn's mother Royce isn't afraid. She's seeking justice for her beautiful daughter, and taking her fight to find the killer to national television, appearing on the "Steve Harvey Show."
    Model Fatally Shot In Chicago, Family Searches For Answers - Crime Watch Daily

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