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    TX - Barbara Hinojosa, 32, Lubbock, 11 October 1991

    Barbara Hinojosa was last seen alive by family members at around 11 p.m. on October 11th, 1991. The next morning, her husband returned from visiting relatives and discovered his wife dead. Barbara had been stabbed multiple times and the house had been burglarized. It is unknown if an intruder was already inside her residence by the time she arrived or if someone broke in afterwards. For years, detectives had no further information than from what was gathered during those first few days. Many years later, they did receive an anonymous tip that contained details that were unknown about the case. They are urging the person to call back.

    Barbara Hinojosa worked in the city of Lubbock’s community services department; assisting low-income families receive aid. She was very dedicated to her job and spent hours volunteering for various events. She had a five year old son at the time of her murder; Barbara's mother ended up raising him.

    Family still searching for answers in 24-year-old case

    October 11, 1991 is a day that is tough for Kerr to think about, but one she vividly remembers. Her oldest daughter was found stabbed in her east Lubbock home that had been burglarized.

    "I cannot see it was a robbery," she said. "She didn't have something luxury that somebody would want. She didn't have any enemies. She was pretty reserved."
    He said the biggest lead, thus far, a call to Crime Line a year ago.

    "He released a little bit of detail that is really important," Franco said. "For us now, obviously we haven't heard from him since. We encourage him to contact us back and he can remain anonymous. He does hold some key evidence that would be helpful for this case."

    Mother, police still seek clues in 20-year-old murder case

    Police need help with 1991 cold case murder

    Lubbock police seek leads in 20-year-old murder case

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    Wow, I'm really hoping this mom and son finds some answers and some peace! It's a little unclear what year the call to the tip line was?

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    Family of Barbara Hinojosa prays for answers in unsolved murder case - October


    Detective Franco hopes someone will come forward with information that could finally close the case, and so does Barbara's family.

    "It hit me real hard because I just, didn't expect that. Didn't expect that," Barbara's mother, Alice Kerr said.

    At 80 years old, Alice keeps herself busy at her family's business on 34th street.

    "I come six days a week. I love being around people. It just makes my day," Kerr said.

    But in the moments when she stops, she's brought back to this day, 25 years ago. A mother's worst nightmare.

    "I was here at work. The only thing they said was something happened to Barbara," Kerr said.

    In the years after her daughter's murder, she has experienced a range of emotions from anger and grief, to confusion.
    The tip that was described as credible by investigators was received in October of 2014.


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