Just listed in NAMUS on Nov. 3, 2015.

Heather Bloom has been missing since mid- September-early October 2005, her exact missing date is undetermined. Heather has Downs' Syndrome, is wheelchair dependent and non-verbal. She requires constant care and daily meds for medical conditions. Heather was 28 at the time of her 2005 disappearance.

Height 60 inches, brown hair and blue eyes.


The circumstances listed below are taken directly from NAMUS:

"Around September 16, 2005 circumstances necessitated Heather Bloom's mother, P****** Bloom, to leave Heather in the care of her sister, Sh*** B****, residing in Berkeley, CA. Heather has not been seen since. S**** refuses to provide any information on the whereabouts and status of Heather. Heather has Down Syndrome, she is wheelchair dependent, non-verbal, and requires constant care and daily medication..."