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    AZ Stolen baby goat GusGus found safe, reunited with mom at State Fair

    Be sure to watch video of GusGus


    Somebody found 3-week-old GusGus, who has become an Internet sensation, wandering along a canal in the area of 51st and Peoria avenues in North Phoenix. That person dropped him off at a nearby PetSmart store.

    GusGus was stolen from the Great American Petting Zoo at approximately 5:30 p.m. Wednesday and was missing for about 20 hours.

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    Wish they could catch the scum that did this.

    Not only did they steal the baby but they abandoned him in the middle of nowhere to die after they got bored with him? If they had a conscience they would have at the very least left him at a vet hospital or other safe public place where he would be found and returned.

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