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    Gunnar Hansen, 'Leatherface' in "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre," dead at 68

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    Mr. Hansen looks so... normal... in the photo without his Leatherface makeup. That movie creeped me out for decades!

    I saw Texas Chainsaw Massacre in Vancouver. All my friends refused to go with me so I went alone to an afternoon matinee. There were maybe four other people in the theater and all through the movie I was terrified that one of the movie goers was going to attack me in the dark.

    RIP Gunnar Hansen.

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    I first saw "Chainsaw" at a drive-in on the crest of a dark hill in northwest Arkansas's Boston Mountains, with the woods encircling the compound seeming to breathe in and out in the late August breeze.

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    Backyard Halloween party.
    Probably 20-25 years ago.
    Guy comes running around the side of the party dressed as Leatherface.
    With a rip roaring chainsaw going full blast.
    No blade.
    Good times.
    Be the most brilliant color in the box!

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