I did an advanced search for threads using the terms "social media" and "people" but found no such thread covering this topic. My apologies if this thread is a duplicate.

I was hoping to start a list of people and/or organizations to follow on social media sites. Specifically, these people/organizations will deal with true crime. Please include the theme/topic of the account, as I have.

On Twitter, I follow:
@misterdeividas - true crime writer
@sarahchangdc - sex crimes prosecutor, she has only one tweet so far
@websleuths - Tricia's acct.
@r_unresolved - cold cases and more
@authorrjparker - true crime writer
@vidocq_cc - cold cases, criminal justice, and more
@jfitzjourney - retired criminal profiler and author
@talesofjack - jack the ripper info
@babasdaughter - child abuse advocate
@rachelrmoran - sex-trade author
@microsoftdcu - digital crimes unit
@missingkids - NCMEC's account (National Center for Missing and Exploited Children)
@burlbarer - true crimes author

On Facebook:
WM3 Friends Page - west memphis 3
True Crimes and Trials - self explanatory
The Vidocq Society - self explanatory
True Crime Books - self explanatory
Dan Zupansky - true crime book author and podcaster

If any of you know any accounts for members of The Vidocq Society, I would love to know where they are. Thanks.