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    IN - Christine 'Lynn' Hillis, 17, & Tami Gifford, 16, LaPorte County, 9 Dec 1988

    Tami and Christine were last seen in Florida on December 9 1988. They left school early in the day and were seen later that day hitchhiking north out of Florida. Tami had relatives in Indiana and had lived in Knox, IN. years earlier. On March 11 1989 Tami was found by a fisherman in a canal off State Rd. 8 in LaPorte county. Christine was found two days later, further down the same canal. Both were badly decomposed and were fully dressed except for underwear. Both girls had been strangled.

    There's not much on the web that I could find on this case with the exception of an old crime stoppers video, a little discussion on Topix and a old angelfire site I suppose was created by Tami's family. Its on no Indiana unsolved or cold case site that I can find.

    The angelfire site


    This appears to be the canal they were found according to the video.

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    The Crime Stoppers video

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