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    TX - Veronica Mercado, 26, & Linette Cano, 23 mos, murdered, Houston, 6 Nov 2015

    Sorry if this has been posted aready.
    Police are hunting a Texas man they say fatally shot his ex-girlfriend and her toddler before fleeing toward the Mexican border.

    Jonathan Figueroa, 23, was charged with capital murder after he allegedly burst into the home of his ex-girlfriend and began firing at her and her daughter on Friday.
    He shot Veronica Mercado and her 2 yr. old baby daughter Linette Cano. LE believes Figueroa is heading to Mexico in a stolen 2004 maroon Ford Taurus with the Texas license plate CTS3225.

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    This happened over four days ago. He would've only been 5 or 6 hours from reaching a good point-of-entry into Mexico, most likely in Laredo, Tx. I don't know what the period of time was between when she was shot and when they discovered she was shot, but if it was more than 6 or 8 hours, he probably made it into Mexico before the alert went out.

    If not, I hope he chooses to resist arrest and fight it out with those Texas cops.........we should be rid of this POS once and for all, shortly thereafter.

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