He was supposed to have a civil commitment hearing to determine whether he is a sexual predator continuing to need treatment prior to his release. On top of that that he is termed a “sexually violent predator”.


Sex offenders new home lacking in security



Ben Reid Community Correctional Facility (AKA Southeast Texas Transitional Center) Houston, Texas GEO Group (bought Cornell Companies).

According to the website:

Quote: The facility "provides temporary housing, monitoring and transitional services for 500 minimum-security adult male offenders," end quote,

Yet the Chronicle article says:

Quote: "Montgomery County jurors unanimously declared him to be a "Sexually Violent Predator" who could attack again and found that he should be civilly confined for treatment — with prosecutors calling it “scary” that Haines had been free for three months between his prison release and Wednesday’s commitment hearing. End Quote

Haines is in a minimum-security risk facility but the jury termed him a "Sexually Violent Preditor", so why is he being housed in a "minimum-security facility?

Thanks State of Texas, I sure feel safe! NOT!