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    MI - Detroit, Male Torso UP14469, 18-99, race unknown, Sep'81

    This man is a recent addition to NamUs.


    Age: 18 - 99
    Race: Unsure
    Sex: Male
    Height and Weight: N/A
    Postmortem Interval: Days

    Location: 1550 Harper Ave, Detroit, Wayne County, MI
    Unidentified male torso found at 1550 Harper Ave on 4/9/81

    And that's... basically it. No hair color (or eye color, obviously), no distinctive marks, etc.

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    This almost looks too good a PM, but there aren't any rule-outs listed for the UID, so maybe it was overlooked. There's very little to go on physically, but the circumstances match up perfectly.

    Missing 1/9/81 from Detroit, MI

    Postmortem interval (given only as "days") matches; Joe went missing only 3 days before the torso was found
    Joe went missing from the same city the UID was found in
    AFAIK he didn't have any scars, tattoos or distinctive marks on his torso, which would be consistent with this UID
    Foul play is possible/suspected in Joe's case, which would (of course) match the UID

    I'm going to call it in tomorrow. I tried calling a few minutes ago, but it's 5PM and the case manager probably went home by now.

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    Oh, good grief Will they have his DNA on file, do you think?

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    I was curious why the torso was in such bad shape that hair and race couldn't be determined, so I looked up the address. It's currently a Waste Management site and I suspect it was something similar in 1981. I don't know if that means it was a dump, recycling center, landfill, or whatnot, but something like that.

    Incidentally, the Google search shows that another unidentified body was found in the same location in 1987.


    ETA: in 1987, it was an incinerator dump yard.

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