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    NY - NYC, WhtMale UP6050, 40-60, missing fingertip, metal plate in jaw, May'00


    Morge photo in link.

    Estimated age Adult - Pre 60

    Minimum age 40 years
    Maximum age 60 years

    Race White

    Sex Male

    Weight (pounds) 137, Measured
    Height (inches) 72, Measured

    Hair black. wavy, 14"
    Eyes blue-green

    *4" linear scar on right neck
    *missing end of right middle finger
    *metal plate on right side of mandible

    DNA, Dentals, and Fingerprints all available

    1 train subway station at 181st St and St Nicholas Ave. Unknown male found dead on subway platform by police officers. Appeared to be homeless.

    One Rule-out: Michael Allan 1954 Florida

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    I thought he looked a whole lot like this guy: https://www.findthemissing.org/en/cases/10132/2

    Height and age are a match. MP reported having a neck injury and JD has a neck scar. MP is reported to be homeless at times and also in the general area (nearby in Conneticut).

    There is an 11 year time difference, a big weight difference, and JD is not reported to have tattoos that the MP has.

    JD was reported missing in 2011 but was last heard from in 1995-ish, last seen in 1989.

    I don't care for the nose but JD had other facial injuries so maybe it got beat up a bit pre or PM.

    Both have DNA in NamUs.....I still think they look alike though so maybe it is a mismatch of DNA types.

    MP wears glasses and is missing his upper two front teeth (per another website). I see a possible glasses mark on JD's nose and his upper lip by nostrils does look sunken but that could be the angle or something.

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    Hm. The weight difference probably isn't significant; if he was living homeless for 11 years, he could have lost a lot of weight. Otherwise he looks pretty good, especially the circumstances.

    They both have dentals in the system; with the missing teeth on the UID, it should be a quick and easy check.
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