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    KY - Ed Dansereau, 63, Pamela, 58, & Calvin Phillips, 53, Pembroke, 19 Nov 2015

    'Investigating a body found inside a burned car Thursday morning outside of Pembroke, Christian County deputies discovered of a second body as they searched a nearby home......'

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    One sentence, then page asks that you log in or sign up.

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    Found the article on another news site. Hope this link works!


    Try this link. It sounds like this story is going to be twisty and turny, YKWIM?
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    And another body has been found in the car. 2 bodies in burnt car, one found dead of gunshot wound at a residence the vehicle was linked to.


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    The two have been identified as Ed Dansereau, 63, and Pamela J. Phillips, 58, both of Pembroke, according to a news release from the Christian County Sheriff’s Office.

    Another man, Calvin Lee Phillips, 53, was found dead in a home at 443 S. Main St. that same day with multiple gunshot wounds to his upper body.
    From last month:


    Suspicion has been on a Fort Campbell army major. Now, FOX 17 has court documents showing detectives are hunting for evidence in his vehicles.

    The search warrant shows detectives are looking for any evidence that could connect Major Christian "Kit" Martin to the crimes...

    Phillips had been on the government's witness list and planned to testify against Major Martin in an upcoming court-martial. His trial date had been scheduled less than two weeks from when deputies found Phillips murdered.

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    Oh my... These are the parents of a friend of mine from high school. I am in shock as I just found out about this since the memorial service is going to be soon.

    I can't find anywhere that says this Major has been locked up. So he's just running around free? Someone please do some sleuthing and tell me this man is in jail somewhere. Pembroke is an itty bitty town about 30-45 minutes away from Fort Campbell.

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    Ft. Campbell Major Christian Martin has been found guilty of charges against him in a case. Martin was found guilty of two counts of mishandling of classified material and two counts of assault of a child...

    He's also a person of interest in a triple murder case in Pembroke, Kentucky...

    "We're waiting for DNA results," Amanda Flagg said. "He hasn't even been questioned the police there."

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    They are still waiting on the forensic testing to be done. My friend is asking for people to write to the legislators so this case can get moving. I don't want to post his entire email but these are the people he wants letters sent to:

    Mail to the people below, C/O the addresses provided: (we don't want these going to a general mailbox)


    Gov. Matt Bevin

    C/O Catherine Easley

    700 Capitol Avenue, Suite 100
    Frankfort, Kentucky 40601

    Sec of Justice John Tilley

    C/O Tim Havrilek

    125 Holmes Street
    Frankfort, KY 40601-2108

    Kentucky State Police HQ

    C/O Rick Sanders

    919 Versailles Road

    Frankfort, KY 40601

    And this is a sample letter of what he is asking for:

    KY Governors Office
    RE: Phillips Murder Investigation

    Dear Gov. Bevin,

    Iím writing as a concerned citizen regarding the triple murder that occurred in Pembroke, KY in Nov 18th, 2015. In following the news, my understanding is that NO ONE has been arrested; NO ONE has been named a suspect.

    What system and country do we live in when 3 people are murdered; Cal Phillips, Pam Phillips, and Ed Dansereau and no one is held accountable?

    Iím inquiring about the status of this investigation? Iím asking what resources have been dedicated to the rightful justice of these citizens? Finally, Iím asking what course of action going forward will be taken to ensure justice for those slain?

    I look forward to hearing from you on this matter.

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