Regilla Ann Stacy Dye was found dead in her home at 424 Mountain View School Road by her ex-husband, Ricky Wayne Simpson, at around 1pm. Simpson has a felony drug record and had been to visit his parole officer at 9.15 that morning. Investigators believe the crime happened somewhere between 9:15 in the morning and 12:30 in the afternoon.

Regilla had been beaten so badly that investigators initially could not determine whether she had also been shot. Police said they believed Regilla knew her killer, and that the killer was there for "something specific", as the house was also burglarized.

According to the TBI report, investigators believe Stacy suffered “possible gunshot wounds and blunt force trauma to the head,” and “the residence appears to have been burglarized.”

Regilla's family are still desparate for answers, and are currently raising money for a reward in the hope that it will encourage someone to talk.

"The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is still actively seeking tips from the public. If you have any information, no matter how small that could help find Regilla’s killer, you are urged to call 1-800-tbi-find."