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    IL - Carl Gaimari, 34, murdered, wife charged, Inverness, 30 April 1979

    In 2013, Jacquelyn Greco was charged with planning her husband's murder back in 1979. She wanted to leave her husband but also wanted to retain his assets so she allegedly staged a home invasion to make it appear that it was a random homicide. Her children and others contend that Carl had many gambling debts around the time of his murder and other avenues of investigation should be explored before charging Jacquelyn Greco with the crime.

    Inverness cold case: Wife accused of plotting husband's 1979 slaying - May 2013

    Just before 2 p.m. on April 30, 1979, the doorbell sounded at a sprawling Inverness ranch home. A 5-year-old girl opened the door to find two men with nylon stockings pulled over their faces.

    The men tied up the girl, two of her siblings and the children's mother and locked them in a closet as they waited for their target: a hot-tempered, high-rolling commodities trader named Carl Gaimari. When he came home, the men took him to the basement, sat him on a couch and shot him to death with his own guns.

    For 34 years, the case remained a mystery. But on Wednesday, Cook County authorities announced they had charged a suspect in the killing: Jacquelyn Greco, Gaimari's wife, the woman who had been locked in the closet with her children that fatal afternoon.
    Prosecutors said that about a year before the killing, Greco told an acquaintance she wanted to "get rid" of her husband and asked if the acquaintance knew of any drug that would make it seem as if a person had suffered a heart attack. When told she should seek a divorce instead, Greco replied that she wouldn't get any of Gaimari's money that way, prosecutors said.

    Then, in the spring of 1979, Greco allegedly told someone else that she had found a way out.

    "The defendant told Witness B that the plan was to stage a home invasion during which Carl would be killed," said a court document filed by prosecutors. "The defendant told Witness B that she and her children would be tied up and put in a closet during the home invasion. A few items of value would be taken to make the crime look real."
    Former Inverness woman to stand trial this year in husband's 1979 killing - May 2015

    Jacquelyn Greco is charged with five counts of murder in the shooting death of her husband, Carl Gaimari, during what authorities said was a staged home invasion meant to get rid of Gaimari.
    Murder suspect Jacquelyn Greco: Husband 'worth nothing to me dead' - November 2015

    "He was worth nothing to me dead," Greco said, according to court records of the 2013 interview obtained by the Tribune. "Why take my children's father away where he can't see them grow up? … Why would I do that?"

    Over three hours, the investigators poked holes in Greco's story until she finally admitted that parts of it weren't true. But to the very moment she was placed under arrest, soon to be charged with first-degree murder, she insisted she hadn't wanted her husband to die.
    Greco's husband, commodities trader Carl Gaimari, was no choir boy. He had a furious temper that provoked a feud with a neighbor, and authorities allegedly were scrutinizing his transactions for possible violations. He had a girlfriend on the side, according to prosecutors, and had paid a retainer to a divorce attorney.
    Greco's attorneys have sought to have her statements to police excluded from the trial, saying she was under the influence of prescribed pain medication at the time. But Greco allegedly signed a waiver acknowledging that she understood her Miranda rights, and Judge Bridget Hughes denied the request. The trial is expected to begin next year.
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    Trial looms for woman accused decades later in husband's 1979 slaying


    A Cook County judge refused to dismiss murder charges Tuesday in a decades-old slaying and instead set a trial date for a former Inverness woman who prosecutors say conspired to kill her husband.

    Jury selection is scheduled to begin Oct. 21 in the first-degree murder case against Jacquelyn Greco, whose husband, Carl Gaimari, was found shot to death during a home invasion 37 years ago.
    During Tuesday's pretrial hearing, assistant public defenders Caroline Glennon and Pete Benesh, who represent Jacquelyn Greco, argued that the case against her should be dismissed because of the length of time that has elapsed since the killing. They asserted that no new evidence has come to light other than the Greco's statements and that some of the older evidence has been lost or destroyed.

    Assistant State's Attorney Ethan Holland countered that it wasn't until 2013 that authorities had documented evidence of the murder plot, leading to Greco's arrest. He noted there is no time limit on bringing charges in a murder case.

    Cook County Judge Marc Martin ruled in favor of the prosecution, saying the defense had not shown that the case against Greco was flawed enough to dismiss it. He also denied the motion for a change of venue, saying there had not been enough publicity about the case to warrant relocating the trial to another county.

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    Judge limits testimony in 1979 Inverness murder trial


    A psychologist will not be allowed to testify about Jacquelyn Greco's character when the former Inverness woman goes on trial for murdering her husband.

    Cook County Judge Marc Martin ruled Friday that Dr. Charles Heller's diagnosis that Greco, 69, suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder, codependency and borderline personality might have been admissible had Greco asserted insanity or self-defense. But, as Martin pointed out, her attorneys have argued neither.

    "Codependency is not a pertinent character trait ... nor is it an element of any recognizable defense raised in this case," said Martin, who described Heller's testimony as an attempt to "explain post-offense conduct."

    Greco, who had no criminal background, is being held without bail in Cook County jail. She next appears in court on Oct. 24.

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