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    UK - Penny Bell, 43, Ealing, London, 6 June 1991

    Ruth Penelope Bell (28 February 1948 6 June 1991) was an English businesswoman who was murdered on 6 June 1991 in Perivale, Greenford, London. She was stabbed 50 times as she sat behind the wheel of her car in the car park of the Gurnell Leisure Centre. Her murder is unsolved.
    On the day she was murdered, Mrs Bell left home at 9.40am telling the builders, who were renovating her home, that she was late for a 9.50am appointment. No record of this appointment was found in her diary, and it has never been established who she was meeting.

    Witnesses recalled the car driving along Greenford Road at about 10am very slowly with its hazard lights flashing. A witness came forward some time after the murder and claimed he saw her driving into the car park with a passenger, and silently mouthing an appeal for help, which he ignored.

    She was found stabbed more than 50 times in the driver's seat of her car in the Gurnell Leisure Centre car park, close to the A40. Carpet display samples were laid out on the back seat. The hazard lights were still flashing when Penny Bell's body was discovered around noon.

    The above information is from Wikipedia. I wanted to add this case as it has recently been the subject of an hour documentary in the Donal MacIntyre Unsolved series. The aspect of the case which most staggers me is the time of day and place of the murder. This was a busy area and a busy time, surely this was not a plan? The Unsub must have been covered with blood after the attack, add to this that Penny supposedly tried to solicit help by turning on her hazard lights, windscreen wipers and driving very slowly and it seems hard to understand how more eyewitnesses were not tracked down.

    The documentary made much of the fact she had withdrawn 8, 500 in cash a few days earlier and was carrying that amount with her when she was attacked. The money has never been found and the husband had no idea what it was for, the withdrawal was not covered up by Penny as it was taken from the couples joint account. The investigation spent a great deal of time focused on the husband but he had an alibi and the police could not find a motive for him. Although it was not said in the documentary the whiteboard in the background noted that police had a partial palm print from the car that they believe to be from the suspect.

    I feel very much for the daughter robbed so violently of her mother when she was a young girl. So I throw it open in the hope that some sharp minds from here might have some ideas.

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    I've just watched this on YT. One poster suggested that perhaps she had adopted a child in her younger days and that now he was blackmailing her. It's really obvious it was someone she knew. The fact that the money is gone also lends credence to the suggestion that the person knew her and knew she would have the money to hand.

    On a side note, I am very saddened that nobody tried to help her when she had her hazard lights on and appeared to be mouthing, "Help".
    Amy Bradley has been missing since March 24th, 1998. She went on a cruise with her family and disappeared in the early hours of that morning. There have been various sightings of her reported since then. Please help us bring this lady home.

    Amy's Websleuths thread:

    Amy's case:

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