Two Lakeview middle school girls were charged with attempted murder Tuesday after authorities said they put rat poison into milk cartons of two fellow students on Monday.

Stephanie Quesnoy, 12, and Holley Sweeney, 13, are charged with two counts of attempted murder each by the Lake County District Attorney's office. Both are being held at the Klamath Juvenile Detention Facility in Klamath Falls because Lake County doesn't have a facility for juveniles of its own.

"The investigation reveals there was some premeditation and thought before the act," said Lake County District Attorney David Schutt. "It wasn't a spur of the moment event."

Authorities said the girls put d-Con rat poison in the milk cartons of two other girls during the lunch hour at Daly Middle School, authorities said. Although the girls go to Daly Middle School, they eat lunch in the Lakeview High School cafeteria.

Daly Middle School has 120 students in seventh and eight grades, and 14 teachers.

At about 1 p.m. Monday, Daly's principal, Lane Stratton, notified the Lakeview Police school resource officer of an unidentified substance found floating in two students' milk cartons.