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    Mollyandme it's great seeing you here again and you sound very happy to be back with your family! We've missed you!

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    In April 2007, Sky and Crish observed CMJA being more clingy, obsessed, and manipulative. Sky told Chris to talk to Travis and tell him he couldn't marry CMJA as they were observing alarming traits in her. Travis and CMJA were visiting the Hughes and CMJA told Sky that Travis had left his email open so she read his emails and discovered he was communicating with other women. She forwarded all the emails to herself. She was complaining also about Travis not inviting her to move to AZ which was a common complaint.

    While at the Hughes, she followed Travis everywhere. If he left the room, she wanted to know where he was. She waited outside the bathroom door until he came out, but would walk away when she heard the toilet flush so he didn't see her. This behavior was alarming to the Hughes. They felt she was smothering him along with being clingy and obsessed. One night, they all went in the hot tub and CMJA was all over Travis, kissing and hanging on him, on top of him, to the point where it made the Hughes uncomfortable. Sky asked Chris if CMJA even knew they were there and Travis repeatedly tried to get her to stop. She would for one minute and then be back at it. Once they went to bed, they heard a thud and upon investigating, they found CMJA outside Travis' room listening to him talk to Deanna.

    When Chris, Sky and Travis were talking in the Hughes bedroom about CMJA being obsessed with Travis and all they had seen, Sky felt an evil presence and opened the door to find CMJA standing there listening. Travis told her he would be down to see her before he went to bed, so she left. About 40 minutes later, Sky sensed the same evil, cold feeling and mouthed again that CMJA was out there. Travis mouthed "No Way" and sure enough, when Sky whipped the door open, CMJA was standing there.

    CMJA was angry, asking if it was a private conversation, to which they replied yes, it was. She stomped off and went back downstairs. Both Sky and Chris were so unnerved by the evil feeling they felt that they were worried CMJA would harm their children. They checked on their children every 15 minutes all night long and decided that CMJA could never come there again. Travis had asked them if they thought she could ever change, to which the Hughes replied "No".

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    The n cut morning, Sky spoke with CMJA alone and Sky told her that they had told Travis not to date her. She was sobbing that she couldn't lose him. It was an uncomfortable conversation. Sky told CMJA she was no longer welcome in their home and all the reasons why.

    While Sky and CMJA were talking, friends of the Hughes, Jacob and Hollie, stopped by and they were quickly caught up on what was going on. Hollie was fixing lunch for the kids, and after Sky joined her and told her that she had kicked CMJA out, CMJA came into the kitchen and sat there for an hour instead of packing her bags and leaving. She waited until Travis got back from wherever he had gone with Chris and went outside with him and talked. Sky referred to CMJA as the Bunny Boiler in Fatal Attraction and similar to the character in "The Hand that Rocks the Cradle". Travis was upset and the Hughes apologized over and over, but they simply could not let evil into their home.

    Travis was angry with the Hughes and their friendship was strained over the next few months.

    NB: Sky goes on to describe and give examples of how each of CMJA's relationships ended and her stalking the men's emails, MySpace accounts. CMJA had done this to Travis on multiple occasions. She describes how Bobby Suarez moved to Hawaii to escape her; how she slept in Matt's bed waiting to confront him after breaking in. CMJA was always the victim. CMJA always used the term "spun around" when confronted by the ex boyfriends. Her playbook consisted of "falling to her knees" being "grabbed by the wrists", always the Victim in her playbook that she had been using forever.

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    The Hughes did not see CMJA until 2-3 months later at the Team Building event in Daniel's Summit, Utah at a lodge. It was a fun filled event with lots of activities like swimming. Hiking, 4 wheeling, horse back riding, boating etc along with training. Good friends of Travis' told him they were concerned about him and his relationship with CMJA. Travis in turn got mad at Sky and accused her of turning people against CMJA which was not true. His friends could see for themselves. Sky went off on Travis and told him her thoughts and feelings, which she later regretted. Travis needed a break and left the lodge for several hours, not telling CMJA that he was leaving. She proceeded to ask everyone multiple times if they had seen Travis, totally panicked, and paced back and forth the entire time he was gone. She searched everywhere for him, totally obsessed (and possessed from the sounds of it).

    Her possessive, manipulative, lying, conniving actions eventually led to their breakup at the end of July 2007. Travis really cared for her, but knew deep down it was not going to work. Contrary to what the Defense portrayed, it was NOT because CMJA was not a virgin and Travis needed to find one to marry. Travis was trying to follow the tenants of the LDS Church and knew he couldn't as long as CMJA and he were in a relationship.

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    Morning all!

    Hailey Dunbar-Blanchette - I'm following this case too! And thanks for all the other news stories, YESorNO!!

    snipped by me
    Quote Originally Posted by YESorNO
    L said he had sexual interest in her "and she knew it"- would "feign interest in him and without fail he would eventually ask .. if she needed anything"- she pretended she was OK-she made it feel as if she "was practically doing him a favor by allowing him to send her money...or..book. In this regard, she was amazing" (pg. 104) L said it was "so pathetic"
    Oh - this must be guy her followers said she was going go live with, that I read somewhere!! Pathetic is right! Nurmi got that one right!

    Too bad Juan didn't use those calls to show how Inmate #whatever manipulating she was...

    Another beautiful day in the neighborhood!! I'm just getting exciting about Christmas with Mollyandme and coffeejunkie taking out their Christmas decorations. Last year I moved all my Christmas decorations into a storage box, as they were all scattered into different boxes... LOL! I too am anguishly awaiting next weekend when I can get a tree and start my decorating and wrapping up presents!!

    Oops - tried "advanced" post again, and it failed... so more to add:

    Quote Originally Posted by Zuri
    CMJA would continue to flirt with men, including married men from PPL at all hours of the night, trying to make Travis jealous. She was not flirting like Travis flirted. She made a big time play for a married man who was high up in PPL. Sky asked for her phone and texted the guy to stop texting Jodi and go home to bed with his wife. CMJA said to Sky "What if he ruins my business" to which Sky replied "What business?" CMJA didn't have an answer as she had no business.
    re bold - I found this VERY funny! again Zuri for posting these excerpts from their book!

    Quote Originally Posted by Zuri
    There was a meeting at Travis' house and 8 of Chirs' associates were driving to Mesa.Travisndid not want CMJA to come as Deanna was going to be there and there was no room in Travis' house for CMJA to stay. She lied and said she had made arrangements to stay at someone else's house. CMJA insisted on going and met up with them and asked for someone to drive the 3 hours there with her. One of the top married guys in PPL, who CMJA had flirted with before, jumped out of Chris' car and into CMJA's before the only single guy in the car could. After arriving at Travis' house, the married guy took Chris aside and said he was going to leave his wife for CMJA as she was his soulmate. Fortunately, Chris was able to talk sense into him and he did not leave his wife. But CMJA did not leave this man alone, despite Sky telling her to, and continued to flirt and hang all over him every time she saw him. This man did everything he could to avoid her, but she would not let up.
    Would this be Abe? or someone else? You KNOW what he wanted from her - right?!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Zuri
    When Chris, Sky and Travis were talking in the Hughes bedroom about CMJA being obsessed with Travis and all they had seen, Sky felt an evil presence and opened the door to find CMJA standing there listening. Travis told her he would be down to see her before he went to bed, so she left. About 40 minutes later, Sky sensed the same evil, cold feeling and mouthed again that CMJA was out there. Travis mouthed "No Way" and sure enough, when Sky whipped the door open, CMJA was standing there.

    CMJA was angry, asking if it was a private conversation, to which they replied yes, it was. She stomped off and went back downstairs. Both Sky and Chris were so unnerved by the evil feeling they felt that they were worried CMJA would harm their children. They checked on their children every 15 minutes all night long and decided that CMJA could never come there again. Travis had asked them if they thought she could ever change, to which the Hughes replied "No".
    Too bad Travis didn't sense that evil feeling...

    Okay - will post this and "see" if there are any more posts after Zuri's...

    ~~Life isn't about waiting for the storms to pass... It's about learning to dance in the rain!~~
    ~~We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience!~~
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    Just ran across this interesting article regarding narcissists:



    Here are some salient points from the article (ring any bells?):

    According to this research, narcissists may be more popular at first acquaintance because they are more likely to display behaviors that trigger a positive pathway, perhaps because they are trying to make a good first impression.

    In line with this idea, W. Keith Campbell and Stacy Campbell proposed a new model of narcissism in which they argue that two particular time points are important. The “emerging zone” includes situations involving unacquainted individuals, early-stage relationships, and short-term contexts. In contrast, the "enduring zone" involves situations involving acquainted individuals, continuing relationships, and long-term consequences...

    ...As the relationship develops, narcissists start displaying behaviors that are evaluated negatively, such as arrogance and aggression. Narcissists cyclically return to the emerging zone because they are addicted to the positive social feedback and emotional rush they get from this zone. They live in this zone. As a result, they are good at being popular, making new friends, and acquiring social status, but are really quite terrible at sustaining anything meaningful and intimate....

    ...Mitja Back and colleagues recently conducted a study in which they tracked changes in popularity over several time points. They drew on their new theory of narcissism, called the "Narcissistic Admiration and Rivalry Concept". According to their theory, narcissists’ overarching goal of maintaining a grandiose self is pursued by 2 separate pathways: narcissistic admiration (assertive self-enhancement) and narcissistic rivalry (antagonistic self-protection). Despite being positively related to each other, these two different components of narcissism differentially predict interpersonal orientations, reactions to transgressions in friendships and romantic relationships, interpersonal perceptions during group interactions, and observed behaviors in experimental observations...

    ...For instance, a recent study found that neuroticism wasn't detected at first acquaintance either, but was only observable in stressful situations. Likewise, a quieter form of narcissism called "vulnerable narcissism" tends to not be detected at first. Joshua Miller and W. Keith Campbell found that vulnerable narcissism is an emotionally unstable, negative-affect-laden, and introverted variant of narcissism whereas grandiose narcissism (the kind of narcissism studied in the experiments documented in this post) is an emotionally resilient, extraverted form of narcissism...

    ...Kelly Dickinson and Aaron Pincus found that grandiose narcissism is associated with dramatic traits including histrionic personality disorders. Grandiose narcissists denied interpersonal distress relating to their interpersonal problems and they reported adult attachment styles reflective of positive self-representations (e.g., secure). Vulnerable narcissists, in contrast, reported high interpersonal distress and greater domineering, controlling, vindictive, cold, and socially avoidant interpersonal problems. Their adult attachment styles were reflective of negative self-representations (fearful, preoccupied). So while grandiose narcissism may be easier to detect, vulnerable narcissism may take even more time to reveal itself (see here for a great study showing that while grandiose and vulnerable narcissism are associated with antogonism and entitlement, they differ in terms of personality, interpersonal behavior, and psychopathology)...

    ...What narcissists often don't realize is that their behaviors are self-sabotaging. Because they are so addicted to the emerging zone, they often don't see how their behaviors are making it nearly impossible that they will ever gain the deep social and emotional well-being rewards of being in an intimate, close relationship...
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    August 13-15, 2007, a group of friends including Travis and the Highes got together for their yearly 4 wheeling trip. Travis was usually the life of the party. He spent the entire time arguing with CMJA on the phone and it put a downer on the whole experience. Travis rode on the way up with his friend Mike and Travis was on the phone arguing, and mad. He told Mike that CMJA had moved to Mesa and Mike was shocked. Apparently, Travis felt that he was being followed and stalked by CMJA, even though he couldn't see her and that she was going in his house when he wasn't there. Mike told him to be careful as that was some serious stuff. Travis didn't seem to worried.

    The only time was there was a break was when they lost cell service in the mountains. Travis would drive to a place that had service to talk to her. He brought the whole group down and was disconnected the whole time. Mike told Sky what had happened on the way up and she confronted Travis and let him have it.

    She said it was the only time Travis was truly angry with her. Travis told Sky that he was all CMJA had and he felt bad for her. He did not want to hear what Sky had to say. Every time he tried to distance himself, CMJA threatened suicide. Sky told him that was ridiculous. He had not wanted her to move there and he knew she was ruining his life, but he felt sorry for her. That was when Sky realized how much control CMJA had over Travis. Sky realized later that all she should have done was give him a hug because after that blowout, he became secretive about seeing CMJA.

    Travis met Lisa Andrews and they started hanging out in October 2007. Travis had won a trip to Newport Beach and had invited CMJA to go, even while interested in Lisa. Travis and Lisa were texting back and forth and when Travis was in the shower, CMJA texted Lisa from Travis' phone "Cuddle time with Jodi, I freaking love this girl".

    CMJA went missing for hours during this trip with a married guy she had been texting. His friends tried to tell him that CMJA was bad news, but Travis felt responsible for her.

    Travis and Lisa's relationship continued to heat up and then she got cold feet. They had planned a trip to Disneyland but never got to go. Lisa felt they were moving too quickly. CMJA would not go away and continued to interfere with Travis' relationship with Lisa as they got back together.

    Flores told Sky that it was evident from all the text messages that Travis tried to be good, but CMJA would feel him back in with sex, "naked underneath trench coat style" and he said no guy could resist that.

    In December, his tires were slashed out front of Lisa's house. Everyone told him that CMJA had slashed his tires, but he didn't want to believe it. He did ask her and she denied it. He had called Samantha to ask her advice and told her that CMJA had slashed his tires. She advised him to make a police report. He called 911 but the cops never came. When CMJA was told by Travis that he had called Samantha and told her that CMJA had slashed his tires, she freaked out and made Travis call her back and retract it.

    As Travis and Lisa's relationship grew, CMJA unraveled. Lisa's tires were slashed in Travis' driveway. Other things were happening. Someone opened the door to Lisa's house and when Travis checked, no one was there. Someone knocked on the window. Same thing. Lisa received an email that called her a whore and to repent. Once while Lisa was at Travis' house, CMJA walked in and Lisa saw her. She told Travis and he ran after her. They would also find lights on that had been turned off, and doors unlocked that had been locked. Deanna experienced this too while at Travis' home.

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    The Dangerous Injustice Collector: Behaviors of Someone Who Never Forgets, Never Forgives, Never Lets Go, and Strikes Back!

    Andrew Kehoe was a dangerous injustice collector. He and his wife were living in Bath, Michigan, and the year was 1927 when he committed the worst school massacre in U.S. history.

    Kehoe, an electrician by training, had been a member of the local school board and a farmer. His work required that he interact with others in the community, but his interpersonal skills were lacking. He was known as someone who kept grudges and was rigid, demanding, self-righteous, and easily offended with real or imagined slights. Minor, inconsequential events made Kehoe angry, and he remembered them for a long time (Ellsworth 1927).

    Identifying The Next Mass Murderer—Before It’s Too Late

    On June 17, 2015, according to authorities, Dylann Storm Roof (link is external) walked into the Emanuel
    African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, sat down, and after an hour or so allegedly shot three men and six women, attending a bible study class. Immediately people began to take sides, and not just about the gun debate. Was this an act of terror? Was this a hate crime? Was this a “lone wolf?” Was this a conspiracy? On and on. What is interesting as well as frustrating is that none of these terms serve a useful purpose.

    Four years ago, on July 22, 2011, Anders Behring Breivik set off a bomb near the government headquarters of the Labor Party in Oslo, Norway; after which he proceeded to the secluded island of Utøya, where he methodically killed, with a high powered rifle, 65 plus children attending a youth event. Does it matter if we call Anders Behring Breivik a terrorist, mass murderer, or a lone wolf? Not really, only one thing matters: how did he become this way, and were there signs that could have prevented this horrendous tragedy?

    Once again we face a mass murder (FBI defined as 4 or more) and we need to get past the debate over the nomenclature (terrorist, extremist, mass murderer, lone wolf, genocide, etc.)—that serves no prophylactic purpose. When it comes to Dylann Storm Roof, Anders Behring Breivik, the Boston Marathon Bombers, or the likes of Theodore John "Ted" Kaczynski known as the UNABOMBER, and Timothy McVeigh, it’s not what we call them, the issue is: could we have prevented their acts? The answer is yes. And yet, we seem to be incapacitated when we hear the term “lone wolf” or “solo terrorist” as if we were describing a demon beyond our capability to identify and stop.

    From the article.
    Narcissistic Traits
    Paranoid Ideation
    Passionate Hatred
    Wound Collectors
    Violence as Magic
    The Lethal Cocktail
    Acting Out

    Jodi Arias is not a mass murderer, but she shows characteristics of a wound collector or injustice collector. She has a lot of deep seated resentment and pent up anger. She could not let go about Travis Alexander, which happened on June 29, 2007. To her it was a crime on her ego. That gave her a sense of rejection and abandonment that burned for a year. Than on June 4, 2008, she kills Travis Alexander. It happened one year after the break up. Arias shows narcissistic, paranoid, passionate hatred, wound collector, violence as magic, lethal cocktail, and acting out. I do not know if Arias had any history of isolation. It is probable she did.

    Wound collectors are not just mass murderers or terrorists. Another example of a non-mass killing injustice collector are Betty Broderick and Lori Drew.

    Betty Broderick divorce with Dan Broderick was final in July 1986. Than on November 5, 1989, Broderick kills Dan Broderick and Linda Kolkena. That happened three years after the divorce was formalized. Prior to the murders, Broderick constantly harassed Dan Broderick and Linda Kolkena. She would make 60 or more harassing calls to them. She would even vandalize their property out of anger. She was a complainer and complained how life was unfair to her. Broderick felt entitled to live the high life. Broderick shows narcissistic, paranoid, passionate hatred, wound collector, communication, violence as magic, isolation, lethal cocktail, and acting out.

    Brodericks' Life Style Revealed in Documents : Finances: A test of wills is woven through a series of tangled financial dealings. A judge in the divorce action said neither was being reasonable

    Lori Drew harassed Megan Meier to suicide in October 2006. Prior to Meier's death, Drew was very angry about Sarah Drew not being friends with Megan Meier in Spring 2006. She deluded into thinking her daughter was being harassed by Meier. A neighbor said that Lori Drew was often bad mouth Megan Meier. The Josh Evans scheme started in September 2006, a few months after Megan and Sarah stopped being friends. Tina Meier said in a Websleuth Radio Interview that she was a very unhappy person who complained nonstop. She was very envious of other people, particularly the Meiers. She felt entitled to be invited to every parties and be involved in every organization. Right there, Lori Drew is masochist as she obsesses about her suffering wants everyone to know about it. She wanted Sarah to be happy. Drew shows narcissistic, paranoid, passionate hatred, wound collector, communication, lethal cocktail, and acting out. Drew is not known to isolate herself as she likes being around people.

    Websleuth Radio Interview Tina Meier

    Friend Game

    Lori Drew Sentencing Memo

    Jodi Arias and Betty Broderick turned to violence. Lori Drew engaged in psychological torture. All three are driven by extreme resentment at the world that boiled over. They did not become injustice collectors overnight. They are like it since their childhood. Arias and Broderick are known to have negative relationship with parents. Not much is known about Lori Drew, but probably would be similar to Arias and Broderick. She likely has history of poor relationship with parents and is overcompensating on Sarah. Regardless, they are very bitter people and will remember the slightings they get. Tina Meier's description of Lori Drew at 20:40 is a very good description of an injustice collector.

    What does this mean? Jodi Arias, Betty Broderick, and Lori Drew are dangerous injustice collectors. It shows injustice collectors are not just mass murderers or terrorists. They do not snap and wake up one day and say they will do it. It is years in the making. They catalog every wrong they have received and act on it.
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    1942 - The Cocoanut Grove nightclub in Boston a former speakeasy New Frequently Asked Questions About Prohibition burns to the ground in the worst Night Club Fire in US history killing 492 people. The fire began when a canopy of artificial palm fronds caught fire and because of the design and number of highly flammable drapes spread quickly through the club and due to the poor design and blocked entrances many patrons could not get out. The fire did have one positive effect which was that fire regulations throughout the country were changed which banned flammable decorations and required all swinging exit doors to open outwards, the new regulations also required exit signs to be visible at all times.

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    1975 - Fly, Robin, Fly - Silver Convention tops the charts this day.

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    Good morning to all in my favorite thread here at WS
    I've been awake since 1:30 am Usually I sleep pretty well, don't know why I couldn't last night. Nothing different on my mind....
    I did get all caught up on this new thread though, so all is not lost (except sleep)
    coffee Squeak is so adorable! I saw the video you posted of him rubbing his head in his bed and getting his little Pebbles ponytail/topknot out of his hair Looks like he was NOT having any part of it. A little dog with a big ATTITUDE. Precious. (maybe he thought it didn't make him look manly)

    YoN Thanks so much for giving us the lowdown on Laurence Kirk's book. Interesting to say the least.

    Zuri Thank you too mam, for the Our Friend Travis details

    Mollyandme The video you posted made me tear up, as I'm sure we all have loved ones who are not with us anymore. Thank you, I haven't heard that song in ages.

    Niner, I have to google a lot of Zuri's words too She's incredibly intelligent, and it seems I aint got that much book learnin Love ya Zuri, you have unknowingly taught me the meaning of many words.

    Pages Loved the pic of baby Lily. She a is beautiful little girl, and you'd never know by looking that she ever had a rough road for awhile. She definitely is loved, that's for sure.

    Spell love ya! You have always got my back

    daisymae How is your arm/shoulder??

    Gigi and Susza ~

    I know I've missed a lot of peeps...But I am running on 3 hours sleep and it's starting to hit me. BUT I love you ALL too!

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    Love you too, Dmacky

    And a rainy GOOD MORNING from Indiana and a very tired lady lol. Today is clean up day after the mass Christmas decoration invasion Makes me wonder why I do this to myself each year? Must be my insane love of Christmas, so it can't be all bad Besides, it looks so festive and enchanting

    Smile, because there is always something to smile about and here's to you, my friends
    I will be back sooner or later.
    Be still and know that I am GOD. Psalm 46:10

    Don't judge others or let people bother you!

    Smile and have a blessed day!

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    1960 - A Thousand Stars - Kathy Young with The Innocents makes to the charts. It's been raining and raining. It's 43 three now with an chance of rain is 100%.

    If this keeps up I won't be able to .........

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    Link: http://textimages.us/afternoon/after...ernoon-043.gif

    Audreanna Zimmerman, Teen Mother of 2, Burned to Death in Trailer Park Feud


    Tina Brown remains on death row for brutal murder

    "The Florida Supreme Court unanimously upheld the conviction and death penalty sentence of a Pensacola woman convicted of beating a 19-year-old with a crowbar, shocking her with a stun gun and then setting her on fire, according to the State Attorney’s Office.

    In 2012, Tina Lasonya Brown, 43, was found guilty of first-degree murder in the death of Audreanna Zimmerman..."


    EXCLUSIVE: Britons on death row: Up to 75 UK citizens face execution abroad
    UP to 75 Britons face execution for crimes committed abroad, it has emerged.

    "More than five decades after the British government abolished the death penalty, dozens of Britons are languishing in foreign jails for crimes ranging from blasphemy to murder. .."


    Mary Ann Cotton: England's First Serial Killer

    "On March 24, 1873, Mary Ann Cotton was hanged for the murder of her fourth husband's son, Charles Edward Cotton. She was 40 years old, and would become known as Britain's first serial killer: In her wake she left up to 21 dead, including 11 of her 13 children, three of her four husbands, one lover, and her mother..."


    Travis Alexander (1977-2008)

    Teghan Alyssa Skiba (RIP sweet baby)
    No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. -Eleanor Roosevelt

    Let us be kind to one another, for most of us are fighting a hard battle. - Ian MacLaren

    The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it - Flannery O'connor

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    If You’re Not Paranoid, You’re Crazy
    As government agencies and tech companies develop more and more intrusive means of watching and influencing people, how can we live free lives?

    "...Had my phone picked up my words through its mic and somehow relayed them to my wristband, which then signaled the app?
    The devices spoke to each other behind my back—I’d known they would when I “paired” them—but suddenly I was wary of their relationship. Who else did they talk to, and about what? And what happened to their conversations? Were they temporarily archived, promptly scrubbed, or forever incorporated into the “cloud,” that ghostly entity with the too-disarming name?..."


    Samsung's SmartTVs Are Listening to Your Living Room Chatter
    Here's how to turn it off

    "It sounds crazy, but privacy experts are warning Samsung TV buyers not to talk about private subjects in front of their television sets. Someone could be using the voice activation technology to eavesdrop.

    Originally found by The Daily Beast, there's a little clause in you television's privacy policy that states what you say isn't just between you and your TV. It's between you, your TV, Samsung, and its third party vendors. It's right there in print: "Please be aware that if your spoken words include personal or other sensitive information, that information will be among the data captured and transmitted to a third party through your use of Voice Recognition."..."


    What Privacy Do You Really Have Online?

    "...with the advent of the Internet of things, deeper surveillance of our behavior will “erode the notion of what it is to be human itself.” Your interests, your health, your purchases, and your habits will all be predictable and forecastable. Everything you do will be trackable and quantifiable, not just via your smartphone or your computer, but via the constellation of other Internet-connected devices that will soon blink on in your home, in your office, and along your commute..."


    Travis Alexander (1977-2008)

    Teghan Alyssa Skiba (RIP sweet baby)
    No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. -Eleanor Roosevelt

    Let us be kind to one another, for most of us are fighting a hard battle. - Ian MacLaren

    The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it - Flannery O'connor

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