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    ID - Oneida Co., Wht/HispMale UP14488, 50-55, scarred forehead, goatee, Oct'15

    Police are asking for the public’s help identifying a man found dead last week near the Oneida-Cassia County line.
    Post mortem photo at these links

    This male committed suicide in Oneida County ID on 10/29/15. He's believed to be a homeless person out of the Phoenix area, brought up from El Mirage, Ariz., to harvest sagebrush seed. Possible first name of Antonio and known by co-workers as “El Mechanico”. May have originally been from Durango, Mexico. He had a scar on his forehead and his left knee was swollen; he had complained of severe knee pain.

    Took a quick look through Namus and came across the following case:


    This individual apparently had a scar on one knee and protuberance on the forehead but there is no picture.

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    An immigrant illegal from Mexico?

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