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    NY - 4-Year-Old Eats Parent's Heroin

    A 4-year-old boy is recovering in a Buffalo children's hospital Monday after accidentally ingesting a poisonous, powdered mix of heroin and cocaine, according to a Local 6 News report.

    Jamestown police officers said that the boy thought the drugs were candy.

    Investigators said Raymond Medina, 25, was walking to a store with his girlfriend's son when the boy took what he believed to be candy from Medina's pants pocket and consumed it."I don't think that the defendant here, Mr. Medina, meant for the child to ingest the drugs, but he was extremely stupid," Jamestown police Lt. Joseph Conti said.

    Medina lived with the boy's mother and several other children, the youngest three belonging to the couple.

    Officers found an additional $14,000 worth of drugs in a bathroom drawer that authorities said was easily accessible to the children who lived in the house.


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    Good lord - you can't hide a small bag from a 4 yr old? I won't even get into if the parents were doing it or selling it, but Good Lord!
    Above is my opinion only

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