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    AK - Newly elected Juneau mayor's death a mystery

    Washington Post:

    Police investigate death of Alaska’s capital city mayor

    Police in Alaska’s capital city have tentatively ruled out gunshots, drugs or suicide in the death of the newly elected mayor but have not determined whether he died from a natural event or foul play.
    Juneau Empire:

    Mayor Greg Fisk found dead in his home

    As news of Fisk’s death spread, so did rumors. On Facebook and other social media, Juneauites speculated that Fisk had been killed in an assault.

    “Juneau Police Department’s aware of the rumors going around that there was an assault … that’s just speculation. We don’t know the cause of death. We’ll have to get the autopsy done,” JPD chief Bryce Johnson said.

    As JPD officers complete their documentation of Fisk’s home, Fisk’s body will be flown to Anchorage for examination.

    Johnson said an assault is “one of the possibilities out there, but there’s others that could have happened. There could’ve been a fall, there’s lots of things that would cause it.”
    more at the links

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    Police: Preliminary autopsy results indicate mayor’s death likely from natural causes

    “According to the findings, the external injuries sustained by Mayor Fisk were consistent with an injury due to falling or stumbling into objects,” police said, noting they did not think he fell down a flight of stairs leading into the room where he was found.

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