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    PA - Maria Procopio, 34, Philadelphia, 24 Sept 1999

    Tonight, NBC10 News Philadelphia ran a "cold case" segment on Maria Procopio who has been missing for 6 years. There reall isn't much about her case-

    Excerpt form an online article . Bucks County is NE of Philadelphia. Montgomery County is generally N and NW of the city.

    There are five missing persons from South Philly. The oldest case is the disappearance of Anthony Garcia, who was last seen March 20, 1994.

    By Lorraine Gennaro
    July 28, 2005
    Years after Maria Procopio disappeared Sept. 24, 1999, at age 34, her name turned up scrawled in a Bucks County library book. A trace of the book led to a dead end, though, said Sgt. Tim Cooney of South Detective Division.

    From time to time, investigators stumble upon leads in missing persons cases - even ones five years old, said Cooney.

    "Every lead that comes in is followed up on," said South Detectives Capt. Joe O'Brien.

    Procopio, Anthony Garcia, Richard Petrone Jr., Danielle Imbo and Taneke Daniels are five South Philly residents or former ones police have categorized as missing persons. Garcia, who vanished March 20, 1994, is the oldest case.

    "A case stays active until we solve it," said Cooney.

    Detectives even go out any time an unidentified body is found in the tri-state area "because you never know," the captain said.

    Detectives say missing persons cases are probably the most difficult to investigate.

    "In most cases, there is nobody you can talk to. It's not like you're investigating a robbery where you can talk to witnesses and look through the neighborhood and find physical evidence. Usually when people disappear, they don't leave much of a clue behind," the captain said.

    Maria Procopio

    Last seen: Sept. 24, 1999, by coworkers leaving QVC in West Chester

    Maria Procopio's disappearance has generated boxes full of information, said Cooney.

    Procopio's sister, Teresa Camino of Delaware, told the Review in January 2000 police had done everything they could to find out what happened to Procopio.

    The 34-year-old from the 2400 block of South Opal Street was last seen by coworkers leaving her job at QVC in West Chester.

    A short time later, an acquaintance saw her at the Newtown Square Shopping Center at Routes 13 and 252, police said.

    Lt. Frank Vanore of Southwest Detective Division was a sergeant in South Detectives' Special Investigations Unit (SIU), who worked the Procopio case along with former SIU Lt. Joe Brooks and Detectives Jim Kearney and Bob Dougherty. Vanore said those involved with the case took it "personally" and he and Kearney "still keep tabs" on things. Camino even occasionally contacts the two investigators.

    "It was a job that was absolutely bizarre and then it just dropped out of the news. Something happened with that girl," Vanore said.

    A few days after she vanished, Procopio's red Pontiac Sunbird was found in Bridgeport, Montgomery County.

    "We need to know who saw her last come out that of car," said Montecalvo.

    Three months after Procopio's disappearance, her fiancÚ, Andrew Thomas, was held for trial on forgery and assault charges in an unrelated matter. Although he agreed to be questioned in Procopio's disappearance, Thomas never fully cooperated with police, said Vanore.

    No charges were filed against Thomas. Aside from the young woman's name surfacing in a Bucks County library book, police have no fresh leads.

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    I caught a commercial last night that this was going to be on and I got to watch it. They didn't give any information that isn't already out. They showed pictures of her ring though, that they felt could've turned up at a pawn shop but I just have this feeling that it's still with her. I really think her fiance` had something to do with her disappearance, since he never really fully cooperated with police.

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    It's been so long... I'm surprised that the police departments haven't been able to track anything down or generate more leads...

    The ring is probably still on her finger...

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    The ring is probably still on her finger...
    My thoughts exactly.

    Happiness...consists in giving, and in serving others.
    - Henry Drummond

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    Missing for a decade, search continues

    It's been a decade since the disappearance of Maria Procopio and police are still looking for answers.

    35-year-old Maria Procopio was last seen 10 years ago today on surveillance video leaving her job at QVC in Westchester.

    They are still offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the discovery of their loved one.


    Why is this in Located?

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    This month marks 11 years since Maria went missing. Come home soon.

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    Thomas- the prime suspect, killed a cop the other day and then killed himself...

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    Of course the family is defending him. Disgusting. I think he was responsible for Maria. Too bad we probably won't ever know.

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